"I just want to take it out"
Smart wallet

Anyway thin and smart

It is a design that emphasizes "not only that" functionality because it is designed by Brooklyn, and it is compact enough to say "thin!" When you first pick it up.
Despite being a zip type, it does not sound even when placed in the inner pocket of the jacket, giving a smart impression. It matches "those who were concerned about the zip type due to its thickness and size" and "those who want storage capacity but want to hold it smartly".
The color contrast between the French calf on the front and the original soft leather on the inside is beautiful, making it an item that gives you the joy of using a wallet.

Free to use

The card pocket on one side is movable without sewing the bottom. As a result, usage is not limited, and you can achieve the usability that suits you.
Sometimes, receipts are sorted on and off, rarely used cards are sorted by type, banknotes are stored by amount, and so on. It is a free design that takes into consideration how you can use it comfortably in a limited space without stress.

Don't worry

The coin purse is an open pocket located in the center of the wallet. The frontage of the coin pocket is 8 cm in length and 16 cm in width, and as a result of considering visibility and ease of removal, it is manufactured without a zipper. In pursuit of thinness, in order to minimize the thickness of even one zipper, it is designed to prevent coins from popping out without attaching a zipper to the coin purse itself. If you shake it in your bag, don't worry at all.
With such a frontage, you can use it as a card pocket without having to put in small change.

[Kakishibu dyeing]
L zip long wallet

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