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ALL perspective dye product

When I was beginning to scream in 2003, the evil effects of air pollution and water pollution are beginning.
In the era of mass production and mass consumption in the world, "I want to make a leather that can be used with more comments, I want to make a natural thing that has no environmental-loaded natural," I was born in my heart, it is a persistent dye is.

The brush eyes unique to the persimmon dye are only sides and the crystals of traditional technology.
It was a leather that was completed through a repair prototype, but the tanna is discontinued due to lack of successor. Products that have been protected while keeping a craftsman who can reproduce the brush eyes, and until the event is forced to be out of print.

But 2020 years.
In the wake of encounter with a tanna, it is possible to reproduce the brush eyes of astringent dyeing.
The product of all persimmon scaling dyed that had disappeared while being spare is resurrected.

About persimmon dyeing

"Silhouette does not break.
Minimal life mast item "

Prioritize smartness

Animal item that gives priority to "smartness". Coin purification was not included, and specialized in banknotes and cards.
A beautiful contrast that finishes the table with and the middle produces a quick look inside. A metal clip with excellent hold feels that it does not have to touch each time. If you have a banknote with a single sheet, you can settle the slippage and flowing. If the bill is about 15 sheets, it can be stored clearly, and Japanese yen is, of course, also supports overseas polymer banknotes.
Card slot x 3, card patch back pocket × 1, flap × 1 and sufficient capacity to carry the minimum required.
Because there is a beautiful leather texture, it is an item that enhances the impression that you can get used to anywhere in the world.

Flexible flap

Actually convenient flaps. With or without this parts, the usability of the money clip changes significantly.
Multiple sheets such as receipts and Shinkansen tickets are fit and fit and fit to fall with leather friction. Furthermore, by pressing the end of the bill on the metal clip with a flap, it will not occur at the time of settlement.
The trivial "attention" is the key to smart.

Craftsman's pride

Leather parts that overlap Their polished Koba is due to "steering". This is an essential approach to making Brooklyn Museum Leather Items. Polish the dye, and then brush ... This work is repeated in the same way to all parts. It is very laborious, and very efficient is a good method, but it is only one point that continues to adopt all parts, "How to withstand for many years."
No matter how you have trouble, you will definitely break and broken anything, Never make it. Brooklyn Museum Koba represents the pride of such craftsmen.

Lining is original leather

Used for interior software leather that Brooklyn Museum has developed its own. As the name is soft, soft and very touching good texture, the bills and cards can not be caught.
In addition, we always have two parts of soft leather and create. The reason is simply, "I would like to use for a long time".
Card stages and partitions, such as one part of the parts of parts are polished, making sewing machines, and making them not to break or peel off.

Play with a set

Efrotless items If you are still a longer, items you have in a set want to play with colors.
Slimit the same material with the same material and coin case. Of course, it is good with different materials and colors.
Above all, it is important to have a margin of the mind that enjoys the color of your favorite color. Please enjoy the play of adults only because it is a color creation of Brooklyn Museum.


Part number

592798 cm


[Table] Astringic dye (cowhide)
[Interior] Original Soft Leather (Cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Interior, Stitch] Yellow


Vertical 8.8 × horizontal 11.2 (unit: cm)

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* The initials are up to 3 characters "*. *" (Combination of alphabet and dots).
* The stamp size is about 4 mm long and 12 mm wide.
* If you do not specify the engraving color, you will be engraved with Silver foil.

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