[Persimmon astringency dyeing]
Bill clip with coin purse

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Money clip to be a partner of minimal life. The thin and compact body, vertical coin purse is an item that exudes originality.
The translation of the vertical design can be used as both a coin purse and as a card pocket. The coin is a school that does not carry around, and the school which has the coin case separately also makes it to the design of consent.
Three card pockets of the body, one pocket between the body and the coin purse, such as a card and a receipt, the capacity that does not have a problem in storage even in such a compact.
It is an item that can be enjoyed for a long time together with leather that increases the depth by aging.

Leather [Persimmon astringency dyeing]

The dyeing method called persimmon dyeing is a traditional dyeing technique called "dyeing of the sun" because it has been used since the Heian period (794-1192) and is dyed while shining the sun many times.
Because it is excellent in waterproofing and has anti-mold and insect repellent effect, it has been applied to beams and foundations of umbrellas and buildings since ancient times and is used.
The pattern, which looks like a grain of persimmon dyeing, is expressed by craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is a pattern that is born by applying persimmon astringency (fermented astringent persimmon squeezed liquid) with a "brush" and repeating the process of applying it to sunlight 7-8 times on each piece of slime leather.

The number of times to dye is changed depending on the condition of the raw skin and the temperature and humidity of the day of dyeing, and by repeating the process carefully many times, the tint by the brush eyes becomes a pattern, and it brings out the brown "Japan brown" peculiar to Japan.
Because it is painted by hand, it is finished in leather that "can not do the same thing as two" with a different expression one by one. This is the real thrill of persimmon dyeing, and this is why you can enjoy each item as a single item.
Because of tannin tanning, there is firmness at the beginning of use, but it becomes familiar moistly with each use, and the color changes darkly with time, and it is a leather that you can enjoy the taste depth.

Leather [Yamato]

"Yamato" is Brooklyn's original leather. It is a leather made with Wagyu beef which benefited from the four seasons of Japan and was brought up over time.
"The skin opens slowly from spring to summer, and it closes slowly from autumn to winter"
The skin quality bred to feel the beautiful four seasons is characterized by its fine texture and excellent elasticity. In order not to impair the texture, tannin tanning is applied and dyed by a processing method called "hon-dyeing". If the dye is put in the original skin a little, the sun is dried, and if the dye is put a little again, the sun is dried repeatedly, and it is carefully finished without sparing time by the method of soaking the dye to the core of the skin over time.
Clear colors and textures that can only be expressed because of this dyeing. As you wear it, the colors gradually change deeper and thicker.

It is also an important key to talking about Yamato is to do "tsuki" which is rarely done now.
To improve your skin, you'll smooth the surface with a spatula – by doing this a few times, you'll get more beautiful and elegant leather.
"All Made in Japan" was carried out by outstanding Craftsmen in Japan, from cattle breeding, processing to leather, and the last process of becoming a product.
The process of finishing with the quality that Brooklyn requires takes a lot of time and effort. It is the leather which should be proud to the world realized because there was a creator who accepted the process which continued to be refused as "It takes too much time and effort" to various tanners with a single mind of "wanting to make a good thing".


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[Table] persimmon astringency dyeing (cowhide)
[Upper] Yamato (cowhide)
[Interior] original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Upper, interior, stitch] yellow


Length 8.5 x Width 11.4 (unit: cm)

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