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Box sakosh
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A box -type sakosh that responds to the voice, "I want a sakosh that can afford two smartphones," "I want a smart sakosh, but if it is a long wallet, my head will pop out."

The outer pocket is calculated as a height that can store the smartphone vertically. The main space is a size that can fit a long wallet. The gusset is 5cm, so you can carry it neatly even if you put another key case or smartphone. There is a card pocket inside, so if you store an IC card, the automatic ticket gate will be smooth.

Update Sacoche, which tends to be casual, to the Brooklyn Museum.
It is an adult sakosh that raises rough fashion.


Croco pattern leather, which has a beautiful transparency, is a leather with a kip leather (cowhide) and a small crocodile embossed.

With the reflection of light, the shadow of the embossed embossed is created, and the semi -aniline (mixing dyes and pigments well) makes it a vivid shade.

It is a series that maximizes the ease of use of cowhide while retaining the luxury of crocodile.



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[Table] Croco pattern leather (cowhide)
[Interior] Dear suede (microfiber)


[Table / Stitch] Black
[Interior] Camel


Vertical 20 x horizontal 13 x gusset 5 shoulder inner diameter 115 ~ 125 (unit: cm)

country of origin


This item is not eligible for engraving free campaign.
* Due to the structure, the engraving cannot be pressed after the finish.

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