[Kip leather]
30mm belt
color: Black

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Leather [Kip Leather]

refers to the finished leather using a cow raw skin (kipskin) of 6 months to 2 years after birth. Strictly speaking, it is a leather variation that is classified unique to Japan, but it is moderately thick and has a flexible flexibility, so it is the perfect leather for belts to be used every day.

Furthermore, the beautiful and fine -grained expression is compatible with the dress scene such as suits and jackets, and even one belt tightens elegantly. Aging has almost no change in color, but the gloss will make it look even more elegant.

In addition, a belt finished with all leather using luxurious cowhide to the back that touches the core and body. Even if the everyday load of stretching or bending is applied,It is durable.
The stitch of the obi is expressed by further enhancing the texture of the leather by applying the sewing machine slowly and slowly. The fixing part of the buckle and monkey leather is the politeness of all finished stitches by craftsmen by hand.

It is a dish that makes you feel particular about the standard.


Part number: 392552BK

Leather: Kip

Color: Black

Size: Width 30mm

Country of origin: Made in Japan

Reflection: Cowhide


This item is not eligible for engraving free campaign.
* Due to the structure, the engraving cannot be pressed after the finish.

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