─New Model─ 小銭入れ付きミニウォレット登場

"Mini", but full spec.
The folding wallet which becomes an icon to survive the present age has appeared in full.

The extra design is not added as much as possible, and the simplicity of the storage power that cannot be imagined from the simple appearance and compatibility of the usability were realized.

It is a preeminent material which is transmitted from the look and stitch catchy of the main leather vivid.
When I want to make a feeling of chitin, I want to enjoy a relaxed mood...
The "intellectual personality" blinded in any place has an unattractive charm.

Sales start at Aoyama headquarters and online shop.

Mini Wallet
Price: 330000
Color: 6 color expansion (Navy / Aqua Blue / ink blue / orange / Toop / dark brown)
Size: size: 9.7 x

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