It is a timing that cannot go out together easily.
It is good to drink and eat every year, but
A more memorable gift this year.

I introduce the recommended gift item.


Color colored by blue and purple balance.
Japan blue is a lot of fans in the world.
Shape the leather along the tree.
This process is tailored by hand work, and can be made into a machine case with smooth curves.

Indigo and leather are energy.
It is natural that beauty of the dyeing that is not uniform is natural beauty.

It is not only a texture but also a stain dyeing method is the charm of indigo dyeing.
It is a pen case to put it to the person who knows the essence.

Orange and brown color.
The "kakagiri dyeing" which reflects the look like a grain on the leather is also called "Sun dyeing".
It is a technique that can be applied repeatedly and repeatedly with the brush of the palm, not the leather, but it is dyed, and it is dyed, and it is dyed, and it is exposed to the sunlight, and the material is strong and strong.

Money clip and smart coin case.
Even the flow when the expression of the leather changes.

Strong, gentle, the best item for your father.

"Crocodile leather" which shows a clear shadow by pressing another type at the same time to express the appearance close to the real crocodile.
With the reflection method of the light that makes the transparent feeling shines beautifully by the reflection of light, and the texture.

It is a glad point that it is good for active youth because it uses the best of the usability of the cowhide while leaving the high quality feeling of the crocodile.
Especially, it becomes an item that becomes a picture even if it pulls out from the pants pocket at this time.

It is an ID case that is used for daily use.

This item is finished by knockleakcalf of Germany pelinger, which is a tangled Tanner in the world, until all the traps are leather tailings.
Delicate embossed with rough style.
The stitched color is the best match for the color of the coordination color carefully selected to approach the original color of the color "Tanner".

It is the completion of the refined breast that comes with flexible stretch Lille.

Item introduction