10.16sat-10.17sun 合同POP UPイベント開催

10.16SAT-10.17SUN Joint POP UP Event Held "Broooklynmuseum"✖️ iKKAYA✖️ takes.✖️Okuumura parlor "


[Everybody invited Campus to Brooklyn Mountain, and I have a good time together]



"Brooklyn Mountain is a beautiful mountain that blooms beautiful flowers with beginners."

Brooklyn Museum Aoyama Main Store Entrance Space, Outdoor✖️ Exclusive worldviews that combine Ivy will appear.
Ivy taste that founder loves. From there, it was the 42th anniversary of this year after inspiration and born a number of products.

20 years ago, Father and "Let's announce the end in the disposable era" and promote the development of sustainable leather, and from that time when trial and error, go to the age of SDGS.
Now that you feel the importance of interacting with nature, we will challenge the new line as a craftsman who will make the benefits of sustainable leather and Ivy Taste to the outdoor product.



When shifting a sense of diversity, it will be born as a "New Lifestyle Product" that can coexist with the outdoor scene and living room.


Left: From the experience of eliminating the peg, peg storage pocket. To make a penetrating so that the soil of the peg tip goes out of the bottom.
Some of the camping tools and BBQ ingredients. Since the handle can be adjusted to the two levels of length, it will be a shoulder.

Right: In the outdoor scene, sometimes a bucky bag, sometimes traveling a chair, and as a bag that carries a camp tool.
During everyday life, sometimes the yoga mat bag, sometimes a diversity-friendly product, such as a bag that hangs on the headrest of the car and puts a necessities in the car.


Left: Leather hanging chain that can hang freely, such as mugs, towels, lanterns.

Right: Put the lantern or hang the vegetables, and sometimes the mug holder.


For the specifications that can be suspended by sandwiching mosquito coiling in the magnet. Through the key to the lower ring, as a key ring.


A drink holder that you want to carry around during camp. Since there is a joint, it is easy to remove.
In everyday life, you can hang on the handle and the backpack of the bag.


And with the people who resonated to my thoughts, Joint events were held at Brooklyn Museum Aoyama Main Store Entrance.

Omotesando IKKAYA, which is working with flower design in genres that crosses Loewe and a wide range of genres,
Sustainable apparel brand, TAKES .., to the concept of "health with bamboo use."
Then, it is OKUMURA ​​PARLOR, which can be a goat's stewed Birria Tacos, which reproduces the taste of home Mexico suitable for the fall of appetite. In the Craft Biershop, you can enjoy Tottori Oyama G beer Grandson & Tokyo Inkhorn Brewing.


If you eat tacos into the soup and eat it, the taste will drip.


This Invisine is Miyuki Takashima.
"Design concept, when I first asked Brooklyn, I'm getting lost, and the staff people and the staff (dog) are warm and cold,
I felt like a collection of Christmas families. Products, Flowers, apparel and Tacos also started with "Hand" that each warmth plays.
We expressed "hand" spinning the thought. "



Since the feeling of gastric bags and the gastric bag will be warm, we are working hard and prepared to keep your hand and mind.
Please do not visit me for the first time.
We look forward to seeing you!

Brooklyn Museum
Representative director corporation
Masahiko Masahigaya

■ 10.16SAT-17Sun
(OKUMURA ​​PARLOR Tacos & beer ends as soon as it is sold out)


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