[Sui Pima Cotton]
Club case
Color: Khaki x Orange

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The best club case for the city.
The best capacity of the driver, iron, and wood, which is perfect for the carrying of the club you want to practice and the body without a cylinder is enough capacity. When stored, it fits compactly on the trunk and closet of the car. If you put gloves or towels in your pocket, you can go to the practice area with this one.
The lightness of Sui Pima Cotton and the elegance of the Yamato leather that is treated everywhere. It is a product that makes you feel good quality and adult playfulness.

Material [Sui Pima Cotton]

Supima cotton is characterized by a thin and long fiber, and is a very rare material in the world. Because the fibers are thin, three are twisted to increase the strength to one thread, and water -repellent is applied from the state of the thread. Even when finished as a fabric, it has the effect of playing water and hard to soak.
The Brooklyn Museum is bonded on the back of the dough of Sui Pima Cotton. This processing has evolved into three layers because of the method of lining with special materials to the surface Sui Pima cotton. By giving the thickness of the fabric itself, it is possible to provide high -quality firmness, and by sandwiching a film -like special material, it is a process that can enhance water repellency and durability.

Furthermore, during the material processing, the effort is added to bake fine fluff on the surface with gas. With that one effort, it expresses a beautiful luster like silk. Although it is a cotton, it is upgraded to a material that can fully enjoy advanced elegance.
A combination of the color of the leather that moves over the years and the Sui Pima cotton that keeps the same good quality. Effortless product co -stars with lightness and elegance.

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Part number



[Table] Sui Pima Cotton
[Piping] Yamato -type push (cowhide)
[Interior] Cotton


[Table] Khaki [Piping] Orange
[Interior] Blue Stripe
[Stitch/Sui Pima Cotton] Sachs Blue
[Stitch/leather] Yellow
[Fastener] Orange


Vertical 119 x horizontal 14-24 x gusset 12
Shoulder 54-98 (unit: cm)



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