[Shrink leather]
Cosmetic pouch
color: Black x Turquoise Stitch

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Black x turquoise stitch

Genderless cosmetic pouches that carry cosmetics that are indispensable for aroma roll -on, lip, hand cream, hair wax, and lifestyle.
With the elegant and simple looks of shrink leather, the inner is outstandingly ease of use as a nylon. The interior is divided into a corner where fine items are tidy and a corner divided by clear vinyl, which is the best size to carry gadgets as well as cosmetics.
Aiso -dyed crocodile zipper makes you feel casual adult sex appeal.

Uses a Japanese -made Japanese -made shrink leather.

By finishing the thickness with a firm thickness with a chrome tanning, the leather with a plump, plump softness is excellent, and the scratches are almost inconspicuous.

Water is hard to soak, so you can carry it without worrying about rainy days.


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[Table] Shrink leather (cowhide)
[Interior] Nylon
[Fastener puller] Indigo dyed crocodile (crocodile leather)


[Table] Black
[Interior] Black
[Stitch, puller] Blue


15.5 x 24 x gusset 4 (unit: cm)



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