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that clears environmental and social compliance on a high standard and examines the impact on environmental protection and regional conservation activities on international standards. LWG authentication that is composed of brands, tanners, and drug manufacturers related to leather, and can only be obtained by companies that have passed all items such as energy, water used, waste management, and working environment.
It is now acquiring a certification as a global standard as a luxury brand.

The only LWG authentication in Japan and [Sustench Link Leather] developed with . Soft cowhide was applied to "shrink processing" and succeeded in expressing a soft luster that is different from smooth.


The usual suit
Elegant appearance that complements even one step.

Simple form.
A briefcase that doesn't get tired.

Urban lightness

What is a briefcase that goes well with suits and jakepan?
It is not too hard, not too rough.

Despite the clean impression, the soft texture and quality created by the material have become outstanding.

To increase strength

We will determine the characteristics of the material, and enhance the parts where the main unit and the handle intersect so that we can keep strength even when used.
The leather line that wraps the entire bag as if it flows is designed with a long -term use, but does not apply a load. The stylish body design that combines design and functionality has achieved a modern fusion of "appearance" and "quality".

In mind that it can be used for a long time

The most common inquiries from customers who have been used for many years are about "replacing the handle".
Brooklyn's bags are very sturdy because most of them are "craftsmen of the craftsmen who continue to make only the steering wheel". If you still use it, you will be worried about the condition of the handle. At that time, we can change the handle so that you can keep using it again.

Make a medium -sized medium making

"I want to hold it smartly, but I want you to have storage capacity."
It embodies the voice of such a business person, and it is a simple medium making that can firmly contain essential items in the business scene. The zipper that opens to the bottom of the bag makes it easier to see inside, and can be put in and out of documents and gadgets. The beautiful suede gray adopted inside creates an adult dignity.


Part number



[Table] Sostenash link leather (cowhide)
[Interior] Dear suede (microfiber)


[Table] Black
[Interior] Gray


Vertical 29 x horizontal 37 lower 39 x gusset upper 6 bottom 8
Handle inner circumference 30 (unit: cm)
Weight: 1100g

country of origin


This item is not eligible for engraving free campaign.
* Due to the structure, the engraving cannot be pressed after the finish.

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