[French calf]
Clutch bag
color: Navy

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Universal design.
Rich "hardness" in it.

Dignified appearance

Assuming use in the business scene, it is made to make use of the robust texture.
The design is simple, and the firmness of the clutch bag gives a dignity, gives a sophisticated impression. Both Tide Apple and casual look will create a “Kimaru” adult outfit with a single clutch.

Practicality that can only be achieved with canvas

"No matter how smart it looks, if you don't have a practicality, you won't give a" role "as a bag."
Even if the weight comes out by putting documents and gadgets, there is no need to worry about being able to be worn out with thick canvas. The lightness unique to the fabric and the strength of the canvas are combined, so this smartness has been realized.

The point is that you choose a bright color for the middle color. The stress of "dark and hard to see inside, and hard to find things" is made as a major premise that it is easy to see anyway. On top of that, the color that is selected considering "how you can feel better" creates a rich color balance when you see it as "flickering" from the surroundings.

Can be stored up to 11 inches

In order to store the must -have items in the business scene, the capacity is firmly entered even to 11 -inch notebook PCs as well as A4 size materials.
The fine items that are often buried in the bag and the pockets that fit neatly are placed. It will be like a mobile phone, business card case, and pen case.

"180 degrees" can be opened and closed

The fastener opens firmly to the side, making it possible to open and close 180 degrees.

It is an ideal "assist" bag that is not only easy to put in and out of the contents, but also as a document case, even if you go out in -house or when you go out a little.

Bag -in bag

Brooklyn's classic tote bag and just fit, very active as a bag -in bag.
Mobile tools such as mobile phones and PCs are important for working. Rather than putting it in a bag, such as various charging and cables, it is recommended to use it to make it possible to take it out while keeping it in and out. Because it is a firm clutch bag, it plays a partition -like role in the bag.

Stress Free

The zipper is YKK luxury line "Excella". It can be said that both the "fastener's lady" and both dignity and style are the highest level.
Adopts a double zipper that opens from either left or right so that it can be opened and closed smoothly in any scene. By carefully polishing each surface of the bracket called element, the opening and closing of the zipper will be smooth, and you can use it stress -free even in important situations.

About French calf


Part number



[Table] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Canvas (cotton)


[Table] Navy
[Interior] Red
[Stitch] Turquoise


25 x 35 x Machi 3 (unit: cm)

Weight: 560g

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