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35mm belt
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This product, which is a robust and high -quality French calf and a vivid stitch, was born from the idea of ​​"a belt that can be used in business and casual scenes."

The table uses a calf leather around one year after birth, which is considered to be the highest quality among cowhide. The chrome -tanned leather has the unique flexibility and lightness of the calf, and the surface is embossed at a high temperature to make it a leather that is resistant to scratches and water.

The color of the stitch is also carefully selected in consideration of "color that attracts leather even more". The belt width is not too thin and not too thick because of the idea that it can be used in dress down or in casual scenes. Many customers have chosen as a gift.

"The invisible part. That's why I don't get out of hand."

The point of whether you can use it for many years.
That is the choice of a core material.

Core material used between leather and leather.
All the belt core products that are made in the Brooklyn Museum adopt tannin tanned leather.
In general, synthetic materials are often used as a core material, but using a core material called Shibiba (Shibu) increases strength and becomes less likely to be tone.
It is an indispensable point for long -term use to stick to the invisible part from the outside.

Another point is that it is made called "feather".
As a way to make a dress belt, there is a technology that has a volume in the center of the belt and tailor a three -layer structure. This technology adds a smooth curve and a solid appearance beauty.
It also improves the fit when the belt is tightened.

The surface uses a French calf, and the back is made of nume leather with sandpaper with sandpaper. In addition, when attaching a buckle, it is not a sewing machine but four places are hand -sewn firmly, so it is durable enough to pull the buckle.


About French calf


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[Table] French calf (cowhide)
[Back] Nume leather (cowhide)


[Table] Red
[Stitch] Yellow


Width 3.5 (unit: cm)

country of origin


This item is not eligible for engraving free campaign.
* Due to the structure, the engraving cannot be pressed after the finish.

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