[Color Crocodile x Tryon Lagoon]
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There are four types of crocodile: Small Croco, Nile Croco, Large Croco, and Sham Croco.

This sakosh uses siamkuroko luxuriously. It is said that it is similar to a small croco (poloossus) pattern as a characteristic of Siamkuroko, but it is slightly larger than a small cloco and has a rectangle.

Both balls and bamboo marks are characterized by a beautifully balanced beautiful arrangement, and the leather is moist, soft and elegant.

This time, enlining specifications to experience the goodness of real leather. (I do not dare to lining, and tailor one piece)

On the back of the gusset is a French luxury Lesert Lyon Lyon Lagoon for reinforcement.

In order to take advantage of the original flexibility of Croco, I chose a soft and firm tryon. x
It changes to a deeper color with each use, so that you can enjoy the contrast between Crocodile and Tryon Lagoon.

It is a gem with a casual sex appeal.

About color crocodile

About Tryon Lagoon


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[Table / Shoulder Top] Color Crocodile (Crocodile Leather)
[Lower Shoulder] Tryon Lagoon (Cowhide)


[Table / Shoulder Top] Gray
[Lower Shoulder] etangle


Vertical 20 x horizontal 17 x gusset 3.5 shoulder inner diameter 116 (unit: cm)

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