Colonil 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe

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Since its founding in 1909, the top brand of leather care, Colonil, has been used in more than 100 countries around the world, including Europe. It is developed and produced in Germany, a developed country, and is manufactured in a component composition that excludes chemicals as much as possible.
Under the concept of "leather -friendly, human body -friendly, environment -friendly," concept, it has been highly evaluated not only in quality but also in environmental consideration.

《1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe》

The finest moisturizing cream that does not use any organic solvents. Contains cedar wood oil from conifers and natural oils of highly penetrating ranolin. It features a refreshing fragrance like a forest bath used for aroma oils, as well as nutritional and moisturizing leather.
Fluoride carbon resin is an excellent water repellency that is also used for coating in a frying pan.
By lying into the leather, it moisturizes fine leather fibers, creating a deep and moist luster.
It is the best cream for items that you want to give natural beautiful luster.


Part number: 992550

Country of origin: Germany
Capacity: 100ml
Ingredients: Cider Wood Oil, Ranolin, Furushi Carbon Resin * Organic solvent is not used
Specifications: In the plastic jar paper box
Size: Body: 3.9cm (H) x 7.0cm (W)/Case: 4.2cm (H) x 7.6cm (W) x 7.6cm (D)

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