Colonil 1909 Leather Soap

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Colonil, a top brand of leather care that has been used in more than 100 countries around the world since its founding in 1909. It is developed and produced in Germany, a developed country, and is manufactured in a component that excludes chemicals as much as possible.
Under the concept of "leather -friendly, human body -friendly, environment -friendly," concept, it has been highly evaluated not only in quality but also in environmental consideration.

<< 1909 Leather Soap >>

A convenient form cleaner for cleaning a wide range such as bags and removing dirt without impairing the natural texture. It is recommended for tannin leather because the mousse -shaped soap is sprayed into a brush or cross and evenly stretches evenly and evenly. The leather surface is tightened and natural luster is revived.


Part number: 992173

Country of origin: Germany
Capacity: 200ml
Ingredients: Surfactant
Specifications: Mousse can
Size: 21.7cm (H) x 4.5cm (W)

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