"Love at first sight" Wallet

"One top" quality

Simple & Basic is a universal theme. The adults who have graduated from decorating the building are asked if they can feel the quality of it.
A wallet is a mirror that reflects your own personality at any time. French calf that does not fade even after time. The inner color finished with vivid contrast.
Not to mention the daily, the business scene and even the appearance of taking the wallet out of the bag, the surroundings should be captivated.

a good wallet

The card can be stored in six pieces and a total of 12 sheets in the wallet portion. The card stage of the wallet part is ideal for keeping a private card such as a driver's license and insurance card in the arrangement that all cards are hard to see to the people around when the wallet is opened. By making the back of the card stage into a storage pocket, you can divide the banknotes by type, and make it a specification that can organize the card item notes and tickets.
The belt made a little longer is also a consideration to protect the contents firmly without the belt coming off when a lot of things enter the inside.

To stay beautiful

There is a point of sticking to the position of the coin purse. By placing it in front of the wallet and card stage, the zip top is wide open and the coin is easy to see, and it is easy to take out, and it uses the leather of the thickness in the coin purse, and the mark of the coin is prevented from coming out to the surface by providing the partition before and after. By this making, not only does it become hard to damage the leather itself, but also it is finished into the product that you can use habitually for a long time as a result.
After considering the practical premise, I want to value the appearance in the usage - such a little sticking to Brooklyn has emerged.

"Double" Sasamachi

"Sasamachi" is one of the techniques for making a gusset in a wallet. The top is wide like a fan, and the shape narrows as it goes to the bottom, and there is an advantage that it is easy to see and can have it smartly.
It is common to fold a valley in one place inward, but Brooklyn creates a machi with two folds. Since the shape looks like "W", it is called "double sasamachi".
The wake to w is because the end of the bill does not break. If you take the valley wide to open it wide, the folds into the area become deeper, and the banknotes tend to get stuck by all means. In that respect, when it is made, even a shallow fold opens wide, and the bill can be put neatly.

Original leather lining

The interior is made of soft leather developed by Brooklyn.
As the name suggests, it is soft and has a very soft texture, so you don't get stuck with bills or cards. In addition, including the inside of the coin purse, i always make two soft leather sit together in any part.
The reason is simple: "I want you to use it for a long time."
The koba of each part such as the card stage and the partition is polished, and the sewing machine is done, and it makes it to make it so that it does not tear or peel off.

[French calf]
Long wallet with belt
color: Aqua blue

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Leather [French Calf]

Calf is considered to be the highest quality leather in cowhide.
Because the leather of the veal is used about one year after the birth, the wound of the raw skin is few from the beginning, and supple beauty is attractive. By processing carefully over time, it is finished into leather that can withstand many years of use, and in addition, the material "French calf" which represents the Brooklyn Museum comes out with a gentle luster and softness to fit in the hand to use.
The reason for finishing it with chrome is to leave the original flexibility and lightness of the calf intact. The surface of the leather is tightened by dyeing to the leather which was made, and then pressing the mold at high temperature on the surface.

This effect is great, it becomes hard to stick to the scratch, it is hard to slip off the mold, and because water is hard to soak, it is finished to leather that the stain does not remain if i wipe it off quickly even if I get wet. In addition, the color increases the luster slowly as it is, and the aging which shows the expression with dignity further is attractive of the French calf. It can be said that it is the most suitable leather for the person who wants to enjoy a vivid color for a long time.

Taking advantage of the quality of the leather, we seek the color that seems to be the Brooklyn Museum, and we also carry out bespoke notes as "original colors". From many colors, by selecting the leather accessories to produce yourown, the width of the coordination should be greatly extended.
"Leather with a variety of facial expressions that matches every scene, from business to casual"

That's what french calf is all about.


Product code



[Table/ Medium] French Calf (Cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table/ Inside] Aqua Blue
[Interior] Yellow
[Stitch] off white


10 x 18.8 x 3 (units:cm)

Country of origin


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