[Gloss Code Ban]
Pure bill
Color: Navy
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Even while cashing is in progress, it is an adult courtesy to hold the bill and card carefully.
Ballet × 2, card pocket × 8, storage pocket × 2 and the storage force unique to pure bills, and it is best not to put a coin pocket and do not add coin pocket.coin purseYou can handle separately and make a smarter of parking and a little payment.

Leather [Gloss Code Van]

Code Van named from the most popular Cordoba region of Spain. It is a leather that consists of a special fever that is super scattered as a "Codvan layer" that can only be taken by the buttock of agricultural horses.
It is said that "rareness can not be seen in other leather" and can only be adopted from one farm horse.
A point that is clearly different from normal leather is to use the back side of the skin as main. By smoothing the back side, it is special processing that can be used as a surface by smoothing the back side. This technology is a technology that has been acquired only in a worldwide tanna that can be done in any tanna.

The process of carefully cutting out the "Codvan layer" from the leather table and the back, the process of carefully cutting out from the rheothy is a very delicate, so it is very delicate and excellent craftsman skills It is produced by. This work process is also called "leather diamond" because it is similar to the mining of gems. In recent years, since the more stores handled in Europe have increased, the leather that can be imported into Japan decreases. The rareness is increasing year by year.
Brooklyn's Code Van is characterized by having a plenty of oil from the common Cordvan, making it a soft strength and Hali.
Even if it has a slight scratch, no underland does not come out, and after the year, the unique dull shine increases and it becomes stronger to friction and water as you can use, and cordovan who has the attractiveness that is familiar with hand.
It is also a value that can be a life that can be a lifetime because it has a double three-fold strength compared to beef leather.

LEATHER [Yamato]

"Yamato" which is Brooklyn Original Leather. It is a leather made of Japanese cows that were brought up carefully with the benefits of the four seasons of Japan.
"The skin will open slowly from spring to summer, and close slowly from autumn to winter"
The skin quality that felt beautiful four seasons is characterized by the fine and elasticity of the plain. Don't lose its texture, tannin tanning and dyeed by a processing method called "dyed". Put a little dye on the rhinothy and dry it, and repeat the process again and again, and take a process over and over again, and take time to dye the dye to the core of the skin, It is polite finished first.
Clear color and texture that can be expressed only because it dyed. Colors are gradually deep and darker with the years they wear.

Now that you are hard to do, "Tsuki" is also an important key to talk about Yamato.
Skin will make the surface smoothly with the sphere-by several times this work, we will finish more beautifully and elegant leather.
All Maid In Japan, which was worked by the outstanding craftsmen of the cow and the last stroke of the product and the product to the leather from the breeding of cattle.
The process of finishing with the quality of Brooklyn is a lot of time and time. The process that continued to be refused to make a good thing "I want to make good things" to various tanners, and it is a world that is realized, because there was a craft that gave a pleasure.


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512709 nv


[Table] Gloss Code Van (Horse Leather)
[Medium] Yamato (Cowhide)
[Interior] Original Soft Leather (Cowhide)


[Table] Navy
[Medium, Stitch] Red
[Interior] Yellow


Vertical 9.5 × horizontal 11.2 (unit: cm)

country of origin


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