[Croco Pattern Leather]
35mm belt
Color: Camel

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Leather [Croco Pattern Leather]

Leather with Small Crocodile-embossed leather (beef leather) with a long-year-old kip leather (beef leather). To represent the texture close to the real crocodile, not just simply by pressing the mold from the table, by pressing a different type of front and back at the same time, we have more irregularities in the shadow appears. Furthermore, by applying semi-aniline (to formulate the dye and pigment well) at the time of staining, it becomes a color with a sense of transparency, and the light and shade of the light reflection looks beautiful.
Rich color development and playful stitch color contrast is in Brooklyn Museum. A carefully selected stitch color to approach a lather that tanna is beautifully dyed, more "the original color of color" is the best match to coordinate color.
Crocodile is a series of luxury feeling of luxury, and is a series that makes full use of the goodness of the usability that is a cowhide.

Part number: 391224 cm

Leather: Croco pattern leather

Color: Camel

Size: Width 35 mm

Country of origin: Made in Japan

Leather species: Cowhide


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