What criteria do you choose?

If you don't see it, you don't have any crust or texture.

If you don't see it, you don't have any crust or texture.

A leather or dough is often used in the back of leather kimono.
In Brooklyn, leather is more durable than leather or dough because leather is more durable.
We use leather on the back of all the leather.

and the color of the "lining leather" is not the color of Nome 1,
The original leather seven colors are strictly selected and the original order is placed on the original order.
I wanted to use the color contrast of the leather and the back leather.

I would like to feel the joy and joy of using color every day from the belief that colors appeal to emotion, and to use color every day.
A 'little' in everyday life is said to be a matter of importance.
All I want to do is make things that I can feel like, "I'm happy to use it, I'm happy to wear it," and make things feel like you're on top of it."
By making seven colors, the color contrast with the leather can be expressed in abundance, and the situation is small, with a sense of high alight, when the situation is seen as a tirup when looking at the inside of the eye.
I don't want to get to Ditiel because I want to be able to enjoy such a haunting-of-mind, Dundism, and fetishism.

I serve the things I can't get out of.

If you are proficient as a tool for self-produce, it's my wish.