Vol.08 (film)

"Autumn Mood Styling" At the turn of the season
When did you start to feel it on your skin?

Even when you are about to make excuses for your daily flings, feel the deepening season carefully and think about styling.

It seems to be liberated from the heat which is ceded today.
Dress up in a more free fashion than yesterday, and feel the mood of autumn to your heart's content.

Machi tote bag

[French Calf] Bag

JPY 85,000 +tax

A5 notebook cover

[French Calf] Notebook Cover

JPY 45,000 +tax

Three-pen case

[French Calf] Pen Case

JPY 16,000 +tax

Flap Long Wallets

[French calf] long wallet coin purse yes

JPY 63,000 +tax