The secret story of product development

Smart Coin case

Snap mini walletSnap mini wallet

In 2017, before the keyword"mini wallet" penetrated so much.
The product was born by the start of sample production,"can you make a small, compact, easy・to・use wallet that can carry all banknotes, coins, and cards?"

"Explore the smallest limit”

At the Brooklyn Museum, there is a product called "Bill scissors" that contains banknotes, coins, and cards and is smaller in size than a two・fold wallet.It is based on money clip.The coin pocket also becomes a card holder, and it is a long-selling item that has continued since 2004.

At one point, kusagaya, the representative, was having a rough talk with a customer who was a user of the card bank, and he said,"I'm using the long wallet and the card bank separately in an arrangement, but I wonder if it will be smaller?"Recently, I have come to feel that even this size is a little big.I was asked, " what are you doing?"

As kusagaya himself used a long wallet and a money clip (no coin purse), when he proposed using it properly, he said,"If you have a separate coin case, you will lose it.I want to have coins together.He said: 'it was a very sad day for the family.

Kusagaya, who had previously felt that the demand for"small wallets"was increasing little by little, proceeded with the development of"let's pursue the minimum."

"The coexistence of storage power, compactness and smart”

In 2017-2018, the term "mini wallet" was recognized.
It was Bic Maison's"three-fold wallet."

The rise of smartphones and smart watches has led to a cashless lifestyle, with bags and belongings being minimised.Naturally, the wallet also changes small.In that, there was a thing that came to be seen by the explosion of the three-fold wallet.

It is thick.
Although it is a feeling of size that fits in the palm of your hand, if you fold it in three layers on paper money, card, coin, it will come out thickness.I made a sample of a three-fold wallet and tried to use it among the staff, but since the volume comes out more than I imagined, it became a concern to take the width in the bag.

Another concern is the state of the bills that are issued at the time of accounting.

"Smartness"is a must for adults with compact wallets.
As a result of prioritizing the compact appearance, I was really concerned that the important bills were being paid in a rounded state.
Therefore, we designed the bag with both storage and compactness and added smartness.

Just a selection “”

Considering what you absolutely want to have among the smallest, the overall vertical size was inevitably decided.
Vertical size, ten thousand yen bill size.
The horizontal size is credit card size.
The card pocket is limited to three cards, and it has a specification to store only the selection.
The definition of 3 Cards is the minimum number of cards that customers say they must carry with them 3 types of cards: credit cards, cash cards, licenses, insurance cards, etc.

In addition, the coin pocket has flap parts called“kabuse”as a way to attach the irregular.Usually, it is a method to curve from the back to the front and attach it, but then the volume will come out to kabuse, it will be different from the intention of this time.
Therefore, the flap parts were sewn with the main body Koba line,and the volume was set to a minimum.Since the coin pocket has a gusset,it is easy to see the change as it is, and it realizes the compactness that is easy to use.

"Subtraction design”

The positioning of banknotes determines the usability of wallets.
To prevent paper money from falling out, belts, hooks, fasteners, etc. are most often used, but we prioritize compactness and reduce those parts.In addition, if you are conscious of the smartness of adults, it was also a must to set it in a separate room from the pocket of coins and cards.

It is a pocket of paper money without a gusset that was adopted there.
Arranged between the card pocket and coin pocket as a storage space, sew in the pocket bottom 12mm, polish the cob and integrate.
With this integration, the banknote is fixed at the bottom, and there is no worry that it will fall out even if there are no parts to cover the banknote such as a zipper.

"Wabi-Sabi wallet”

With the change of lifestyle, the way of wallet has also changed.
That is why I feel that there are more people who do not put the limit of"it should be like this"and use it well depending on the time and the case.

A long wallet when you want to look crisp.
When you want to go out casually, a mini wallet.
Even with the same mini wallet, you can change the mood in color.

This snap mini wallet is a wallet that you can enjoy"luxury you do not have".
"I wish I could get in a little bit more,"she said.

Without embellishment, gently snuggle up by the side.
It is an iconic product with a big meaning even though it is small.