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Smart coin case

Smart coin caseSmart Coincase

"Smart coin case" is surprisingly compact sizing, familiar with your hands, and your settlement is smooth.

Even if it is a coin caseThere are various designs.
In the past, "horseshoe type" and "box type" were the mainstream, and I liked the rugged design and used it.
However, since 2000, the mainstream has a stylish design with a thin and stylish men's fashion silhouette overall. When the coin case was put in the pants pocket, the shape of the coin case resounded to the pants, and the silhouette began to be impaired.

Therefore, I thought that there would be a coin case that would suit the modern fashion style, so I proceeded with the development.

“Melancholy of pants pocket”

Inside the right pocket of the male pants, there are pants with small pockets so that coins can be stored. On the other hand, there were some aspects that could not be said to be gentleman. Like the silhouette, I started to worry about these points, and I often heard the same opinion from customers.

And the points that I was worried about with the horseshoe types that I used so far were that when I put out coins, it is difficult to recognize each of the coins, and the coin case itself overlaps the coin case itself. It was a point that swelled.
From such an experience, it does not affect the silhouette of the pants, but also the size, storage capacity, ease of retracting, design, what kind of coin case that can clear these 5 points ... I went.

“Balance between form and storage capacity”

First of all, in order to make the form that does not affect the pants, considering the design that takes into account the thickness of the coin case and the design that considers square and accessories (zipperes, buttons, etc.) in the design, make several types of samples in it, and actually use it. I decided to try it.

As a result of trying various types, square, round, oval, deformation, various types, I found that the oval type was "hard to resonate".
As a result, we made a sample of various sizes of the oval from the point of "form" and "storage capacity" so that about 20 coins could be stored next, and tried again.

As a result of trial and error, this form and size that combines the "storage capacity" that can always include about 2,000 yen "easy to take out" while maintaining the coins in the silhouette of the pants, and keeping the coin is tidy. The feeling has been completed.

Because the coin is upright, the number of coins is immediately known and the payment is smooth.

500 yen coin x 2, 100 yen coin x 8, 50 yen coin x 1, 10 yen x 7, 5 yen coin x 4 coins x 4
About 2,000 yen and 23 coins

Forms and sizing that rarely resonate with the silhouette of the pants.
The storage capacity that looks more than it looks and the comfort is outstanding than you can imagine.
The form that can be wrapped in your hands creates casualness.

Smart without resonating with the silhouette.

The movement to put out coins is also smart.

A "adult smart" coin purse was born here.