Product development story

Smart coin case

Smart coin caseSmart coincase

Introducing the "smart coin case" that is compact and very easy to use and fits in your hand.

Speaking of coin cases, there are various designs.
I used to love "horseshoe type" and "box type" in the past, but since 2000, the overall silhouette of men's fashion has become thinner and stylish, so I've put a coin case in my pants pocket. When I put it in, I started to worry that the shape of the coin case echoed in my pants and the silhouette was damaged.
So, I thought that if there was a coin case that fits the modern fashion style, I proceeded with the development.

"Melancholy of pants pocket"

There are pants with a small pocket inside the right pocket of men's pants that can store coins, but the weight of the coins creates holes in the pockets, or coins make a rattling noise. Although it was convenient, there were also aspects that were not gentlemen. As with the silhouette, I started to be concerned about these points, and I often heard the same opinions from customers.

And, I was curious about the type of horseshoe that I have used so far, when coins are put out, it is difficult to recognize each other because coins overlap each other, it is not possible to take out smartly, coins overlap because coins overlap. It was a point that it swelled.
From such an experience, not to mention the silhouette of the pants, of course, size, storage capacity, ease of taking out, design, what kind of coin case can clear these 5 points ... I went.

"Balance of form and storage capacity"

First of all, in order to make it a form that does not resonate with pants, consider a design that considers the thickness of the coin case itself, the corners in the design, accessories (zippers, buttons, etc.), make some kinds of samples, and actually use it I decided to try.

As a result of trying various types such as a square, a round shape, an oval, and a deformation, the oval type was found to be “soundless”.
Based on the results, next, we made samples of various sizes of oval from the points of view of "form" and "storage capacity" so that we can store about 20 coins, and tried again.

As a result of trial and error, the shape and size of the pants's silhouette "has hardly sounded" and the coins are "easy to take out" while keeping the coins tidy and "storing power" that can always hold about 2,000 yen. The feeling is complete.

Since coins are upright, you can easily see the number of coins and payment will be smooth.

500 yen coin × 2, 100 yen coin × 8, 50 yen coin × 1, 10 yen × 7, 5 yen coin × 1, 1 yen coin × 4
Stores approximately 2,000 yen and 23 coins

A smart coin case is put in the pants pocket.

It doesn't look like a coin case because it doesn't echo the silhouette.
The storage capacity is greater than it looks, and it is more comfortable than you imagined.
The form that you can wrap in your hands creates a casual look.

Smart without echoing the silhouette.

The operation of issuing coins is also smart.

"Adult's smart" coin purse was born here.