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tote bagTOTE BAG

“Tote bag with a variety of expressions”

Brooklyn's original tote bag is a bag made by gathering the know -how cultivated for 24 years as a wholesaler when the Aoyama head office opened in March 2002.

The reason why this tote bag was born.
In the first place, tote bags have a great advantage of "convenient bags that can be put in a lot of anything." However, I was wondering, "In the business scene, it is absolutely necessary to use bags, but why is there no tote bag that can be used in business?" I think the general tote bag was strongly image that "it looks casual and is not suitable for business". So, I made use of the ease of use of the tote and thought, "I want to make a leather tote bag that looks good on a suit style." The key to commercialization was how to finish the tote with a strong casual image.

“Smart silhouette”

First of all, I cherished the silhouette. I thought the gusset width was particularly important. No matter what angle, we have a lot of patterns and explore various angles to make the balance between people and bags, and to create a beautiful silhouette.
As a result of trial and error, I thought that the gusset width 7cm was good, and when I made a sample, the storage capacity was outstanding, but the lower part became heavy and I could not feel the smartness that I considered important. Therefore, the bottom of the gusset is reduced by 1cm and the center of the central part tends naturally, completing the best balance you were looking for.

“Pockets made after assuming everything”

Next, we decided to consider what items to use in the actual work of "usability", which is important as a tote bag.
At that time, the items we carry are wallets, notebooks, notepads, business card holders, pen cases, mobile phones, B4 files, calculators, glasses cases, and key cases, so at least these things can be stored properly. I thought it would not be.

One of the most important pockets was to store accessories. From my own experience, I realized the importance of it, but even though I had a mobile phone in my bag, the phone was cut off while I was looking for it, and even if I turned it back immediately, the other side. I had many experiences that I couldn't connect.
Being particular about the layout that you can see at a glance from the thought of not missing important business opportunities, the functionality that "inevitably tidy can be organized by putting small items in pockets". We emphasized usability and finished it into a pocket that we were particular about.

“Handle that balances functions and designs”

Furthermore, the handle is the most overworked part in bags. The shape was decided by making it square and flat, taking into account the balance with the bag body.
The initial handle focused on smartness, so it was a simple construction with a thin core. However, by always using the bag itself, the steering wheel became apparent, and it was forced to review the specifications immediately.
The core was put in the handle evenly, but when grip was actually gripped, the way of applying the power was not uniform, so the shape of the handle collapsed when I gripped it, causing the leather to be damaged. When we further pursued the point of "What is the easier and long -lasting handle that can be used?"
Therefore, a thick core is inserted in the center of the handle, and when holding a bag, the specifications that can be grasped more easily with the thickness of the handle overlapping. In the installation surface of the bag and the handle, the sewing machine is firmly and horizontally and horizontally and the finish is made of hand -stitching to the finish, which is easy to hold, durable, and has a unique handle of Brooklyn, which combines functionality and design.

Even in the bag, by wearing a color that makes the coordination look more beautiful, we have a color that looks beautiful as a that makes your work more enjoyable.

“Like shoes and belts, use bags properly depending on the scene”

It is a tote bag that can be expressed because it is a Brooklyn that always pursues the fun of using it.