The Secret Story of Product Development

Passport case

Passport casePassport Case

"Passport case tailored to overseas business trip"

The reason for the production was that I felt that there was no passport case suitable for overseas business trips while there were various passport cases.
It all started with the desire to develop a passport case that was carefully focused on details, such as the storage capacity of the card and the ease of taking out documents, etc., so that you can go on a business trip as soon as you have this.

[First generation]
"The Birth of Special Parts"

At that time, there were many countries where we visited on a one-time overseas business trip. I put banknotes from my country in my wallet, but my next visit is often a different currency. I wanted a place to store banknotes from different countries, and "I want a design that is hard to see and easy to take out from the outside" I created < incoming banknote container > from this thought.

Now, with the spread of credit cards, relatively any card company can be used worldwide, but there were still still restrictions when this product came out. It was a convenience to carry a lot of banknotes with me.
I thought that it was possible to take it out of the case by putting it down to both sides, and inserting the booklet type T / C in advance in this insertion type banknote container, and being able to sign it as soon as I opened it. By doing so, I thought that I could use it in various scenes, and i could do special parts that combined safety and convenience, so I continued to think.


[Second generation]
"Storage pockets of different sizes"

In the 1990s, the telecommunications situation from Europe was still the mainstream in public telephones. Then, it is a telephone card that it is left by all means. "I'm sure you'll use it on your next business trip, so let's keep it in a fixed place so that we don't lose it. However, the credit card entry was still full of mileage cards of each airline because it was before the airline alliance was formed. This was also a symbol of those days. So I made a pocket where I could keep my telephone card vertically when the size of my passport was reduced, so I decided to store more cards.
The big pocket on the left side wanted space to stock such as immigration card and customs declaration card, and I wanted a pen to fill them out, while imagining the use of the left pocket, I searched.


[Third generation]
"For more freedom"

Time flows, and the means of communication also go from a public telephone to a mobile phone. In the wake of the fact that the telephone card case has become unnecessary, I decided to make effective use of this space, by eliminating the telephone card case, I corrected it so that four folds of A4 paper can be stored neatly, and I was able to organize the voucher (hotel reservation confirmation) there, and improved it to a passport case with higher storage power.

When not on a business trip, remove the booklet and insert the belt coin case sold separately, it can also be used as a compact clutch bag.

By all means, please take it in your hand and imagine "your flight".