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Cordovan belt

Code Ban BeltGloss Cordvan Belt

“Reasons to stick to“ glasses ””

Cordovan is one of the most elaborate and robust parts of the agricultural horses. There is a small amount from one horse, and some horses do not have a cordovan layer so much, so the rare value is increasing worldwide.

Brooklyn Museum Code Ban Belt uses "glasses", which is even more valuable in the cordovan, which does not cut the tail bone.
Glasses are large format leather that can only be collected in 50 horses.

Glasses are called "money", which is located near the tail bone, and there are some roughness, and some roughness may come out. It is a proof of one leather to be familiar with nature while wearing it, and a beautiful luster.

─ Why are you particular about glasses?

The cord bum belt that we want to tailor is a simplified dressy, and is "simple is best".
And not only the beauty of the appearance, but also the "quality" that can be used for many years.
As long as the belt is tailored with a cordovan that is difficult to obtain, I want to find an overwhelming appearance and higher quality.
From that kind of heart, I proceeded with making belts.

"The invisible part. That's why I don't get out of hand."

The point of whether you can use it for many years.
That is the choice of a core material.
Core material used between leather and leather. Probably few people have seen core materials.

All the belt core products that are made in the Brooklyn Museum adopt tannin tanned leather.
In general, synthetic materials are often used as a core material, but using a core material called Shibiba (Shibu) increases strength and becomes less likely to be tone.
It is an indispensable point for long -term use to stick to the invisible part from the outside.

Another point is that it is made called "feather".
As a way to make a dress belt, there is a technology that has a volume in the center of the belt and tailor a three -layer structure. This technology adds a smooth curve and a solid appearance beauty.
It also improves the fit when the belt is tightened.

The surface uses cordovan, and on the back is a nume leather with sandpaper with sandpaper. In addition, when attaching a buckle, it is not a sewing machine but four places are hand -sewn firmly, so it is durable enough to pull the buckle.

“Mission to keep“ quality ””

The buckle uses brass.
The brass is a material that has a solid intensity with a sense of luxury with a sense of weight. The back side is carefully polished and then plated, so that the belt belt is not damaged.

Even if you take one of the parts, you can keep high "quality" because you are particular about handicrafts.

A cordovan that makes it more beautiful as you use it with a polite grazing finish.

Due to the characteristics of the material, the manufacturing method is not allowed as one, and it takes time and time for many craftsmen.
In order to feel the splendor of the material, even if it is an invisible part, if you do not stick to everything, the precious material will be wasted.

We believe that keeping the "quality" of the product and further enhancement is a mission to take over the "pride" of all craftsmen and send it to the world.

Not only the goodness of the material, but
Pursuing quality to the comfort and details,
The Brooklyn Museum Code Ban Belt has been completed.