Product development secret story

Cordovan leather belt

Cordovan leather beltBarbour Cordvan

Reason "which is particular about" "judgment"

Because the fiber layer points to the extremely minute and solid part in buttocks leather of the dobbin with the cordovan leather, and there is little quantity to be produced from one horse, and there is the horse which the class of cordovan leather is not formed depending on an individual that much, rarity becomes very higher.

I use leather of the large size to be produced only as one piece to 50 of them called "the glasses" which do not cut a more precious coccyx part in that either.

Because the coccyx neighborhood called "the money" of these glasses does not have the cordovan leather layer, some roughness may appear, but while I use it, I am familiar with nature, and a feeling of luster appears. It is proof of one piece of leather.

─Why are you particular about judgment?

When it is not one piece of big leather of glasses 程, I cannot make the belt without the liaison.
There is dressy さ without the joint on the cordovan leather belt which we buy; if say; "Shin pull is best". And "the quality" of the level that it is hard to get tired as well as seemliness and can use habitually for many years.
I pushed forward the making of belt to clear this quality.

A "invisible part. Therefore "not to cut corners in

A point whether or not I can use it habitually for many years.
It is selection of heart.
The heart which is used between leather and leather. Probably is there not little one that has watched a heart?

All belts handling in Brooklyn adopt the soft leather of the meal which is the Tannin called the astringent juice floor (しぶどこ) while I often use synthetic material for the core of the belt. Strength increases in the thing using the leather heart and becomes hard to get tired.
I added it to seemliness by doing processing to enliven the leading part of the belt called a characteristic "feather" as how to make dress belts for 3 laminar structure and was particular about a fitting feeling when I closed a belt.

The surface uses the soft leather which raised a bushy foot on cordovan leather, the back with sandpaper at the surface. Furthermore, I finish it soundly because I sew four places by hand not a sewing machine well when I attach a buckle so as not to move an inch even if I pull a buckle.

Mission "which continues keeping" "quality"

The buckle uses brass.
The material that the brass had the strength that I did well while a feeling of ずしっとくる weight had sense of quality. I finish it so that a belt obi is not damaged by wearing plating after polishing up the back side carefully.
High "quality" is kept simply because I keep on being all particular about handwork even if I take one parts.


The cordovan leather which beautiful luster increases so as to embezzle it by careful グレージング finish, and brings on elegance.
Write time as the trouble of many craftsmen, and, in a characteristic of the material, the manufacturing method is finished without a mistake being permitted as one. If I am particular about all and do not outrun you to have you feel splendor of the material to the maximum even if it is an invisible part, precious material is wasted.

I continue keeping "the quality" of the product, and we think when what I raise more is the mission that sends "pride" of all craftsmen to a transfer, the world.

A cordovan leather belt of Brooklyn that pursued quality up to a reckoning feeling and the details not to mention good material was completed.