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Aesthetics of "subtraction".

Brooklyn Museum Backpack.

I understand the essence

An adult chosen by the adults who have also experienced the acid. It is not "adorne", but "I understand the essence". Besides the necessary ones, it remains only what you really want. And detail is not good enough to focus on the details, and do not pull out the absolute superior expression.
A big premise that it is a design for using a suit more smartly, a design for smarting a suit more than a smart, and a backpack that is a good-looking backpack that is a design that has graduated from being decorated. This is the "making" that Brooklyn Museum is proud of.

Beside "rich"

First of all, it is "material" that I felt more than anything else. When considering the practicality of the backpack, the lightness of the main unit is absolute, and the ease of use as a material is also an essential point. Although it was decided to select a fabric to the main material naturally, it was a mismatch to the upper quality that the Brooklyn Museum wanted to be expressed by a material selection with emphasis on lightness.
While there are various fabrics all over the world, "gloss" is essential to express the margin of adults. It was this nylon fabric that finded a material with "durability = high density" to ultimate daily use. While leaving a sense of hollar, it is special processing to the fabric, to create a material like a waves, and develop your own nylon. Moreover,Using , which is also an iconic material of Brooklyn Museum. It became a material tag that can enjoy rich expressions, not only functional faces with excellent waterproofness and antifouling properties. You can carry the adult 'richness' that can be beautifully fascinated.

There is a reason for that design

While the styles in the business scene are diversifying, it is not easy to meet "items that can upgrade themselves". However, if you encounter a gem that stimulates its five senses at once, the presence will be invited to the height and owned by itself. There is also a reason why this backpack shaped is square. Of course, expressing sharpness and cleanliness, no horns such as PCs, documents and business books are not hit, and smartnesses when retrieving. Since the gusset width was also 12.5 cm, the stability when placed at the foot is very high, it was asked for the design that becomes a picture even if it cuts out which scene of the go and the point of view.

Must to make a high degree of freedom

The main storage room is a large pocket that can store gadgets such as PCs on the back of the interior. The front surface is a pocket that can sort a wallet, a two-fold wallet, a pen case or a smartphone.
More fine storage is not necessary, and it can be stored firmly even when the magazine, mug, muffler, gloves and gloves, etc. It is not an assumption that only Daily can be used, but is designed to a high degree of freedom, with a high degree of freedom.

Pocket depth

Set the table in the table.
The upper pocket is <A5 Size Notebook Cover>It is set to the depth to enter. Especially when traveling, the Brooklyn Museumpassport case>Of course, it is finished in the size of the body with the body, as well as the body to enjoy the body, so you can bring it with an item to enjoy the inside and bring it to a comfortable business trip. The lower pocket is a plenty of long wallets <Round ziplong walletCalculated that> is confusing, and a time-time type that has been a long time to finish leather.
In both the pockets, it is carefully sewn so that fasteners can not be seen in front view, and designed not to break the simple expression.