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Pole brief

Pole briefPaul Briefcase

"Select all leather"

Baries that make every day together

As a result, it looks like a bonity, it has a hot feel and pride,
"I want to work with such people"
A brief that seems to think so.

In addition to the quality of the chosen leather, by assuming the quality of the selected leather, it is a typical style, and the taste is different in the style with different tastes.


As the name "All Leather", we also use leather to interior.
The interior with vivid color picks up the pock suede to the pocket. Because it is breathable and strong in friction, it is characterized by heavy luggage, but it is characterized by the high durability that is hard to rub.
You will be attracted around the document to put out the documents-only a brief that is active in various scenes, but it is not enough to be careful to the details

In mind with a long time

About the "handle exchange" that most inquiries are most frequently used for many years.
Bulklin's bag is very robust, because most of them are asked to ask for "craftsmen who continue to make only handles". If you still use it, it will come when the steering wheel is concerned about. At that time, you can use the handle to be able to replace the handle that you can continue to use again.

Style does not break

A technique called "ball take" that connects parts of a torso and a fastener part with a tubular leather.
If you say "bone set", it plays the role of "bone set".
In order to make the soft leather texture, make a core material to the helicopter to make it safe, and make a ball edge that is hard to break. By long-term use, the leather in the lower part of the ball may rub the leather at the bottom of the ball, but it is also possible to repair only the ball.

Not only good use but also important parts to support "style".

Awhere to enjoy the change

Handle used for about 10 years.
Naturally, there is no problem that the leather hurts or can not see a core, and a deep and aged-changing color than the start of use has a departure zone that loves leather.
Italian leather that is used everywhere, including handles and interior. Whereaboutless "aging" is a lazer that changes in a glossy, and it is not necessary for the business scene to afford to enjoy the change.
The strength of the power emerges is given "confidence" to "confident", and its confidence will attract more around ... The combination of unlikely materials that have been selected because of confidence in quality should be given to all businessmen It is an invariant tag and teach me the joy that repeats the year.

Create practicality

While making a simple making, if there are many sorting pockets, it is an item that removed usability.
On the front side, the fastener pocket and the open pocket are arranged. Put the newspaper and magazine in the open pocket and check the information you want smart even while moving. Fastener pockets can also contain frequent and portable items such as regular and mobile items.
Inside, A4 files are filled with a large fastener pocket that can do valuables such as side pockets and wallets and key cases.
It is a dexterous specification specification of "work".