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Pole brief

Pole briefPaul Briefcase

"Select All Leather"

A buddy that share every day

At first glance, it looks rugged, has a hot feeling and pride,
"I want to work with such a person"
A brief that makes you think so.

Assuming that it will be used for a long time, in addition to the quality of the selected leather, it will be a different glance by using Brooklyn's unique color spice.

"Passion" hidden inside

As the name of "All Leather" is used, leather is also used for the interior.
The interior with a vivid color enhances the pig suede to the inside of the pocket. Because it has good ventilation and is resistant to friction, it is characterized by a high durability that is hard to be rubbed even if heavy luggage is applied.
It attracts the surroundings until and in and out of the documents.

In mind that it can be used for a long time

The most common inquiries from customers who have been used for many years are about "replacing the handle".
Brooklyn's bags are very sturdy because most of them are "craftsmen of the craftsmen who continue to make only the steering wheel". If you still use it, you will be worried about the condition of the handle. At that time, we can change the handle so that you can keep using it again.

The style does not break

A technique called "ball" that connects the fuselage and zipper parts with a cylindrical leather.
A ball that plays the role of "bone set".
In order to make it independent while utilizing the soft leather texture, a core material is put in the helicopter to create a difficult ball. Long -term use may inevitably rub the leather at the lower part of the ball, but in that case, it is possible to repair only the ball edge.

It is an important part that not only is easy to use, but also supports the style.

I can afford the change

Handle that has been used for about 10 years.
As a matter of course, there is no damage to the leather or the core, and the color that has changed deeply over time is astringent that makes leather lovers growl.
Italian leather, which is used everywhere, including the handle, for the interior. The gorgeous "aging" is an attractive leather, and the room to enjoy the change is necessary in the business scene.
The strength of things that things emit are "confident" to the owner, and their confidence attracts the surroundings ... Because of the confidence in quality, the combination of different materials selected should be given to all businessmen. It is an immutable tag and will tell you the joy of repeating years.

Excellent practicality

Although it is a simple construction, there are many sorting pockets, which are unique to usability.
On the front side, a zipper pocket and an open pocket are placed. Put newspapers and magazines in the open pocket, and check the information you want smartly while moving. The zipper pocket can store items that are frequently put in and out, such as regular and mobile phones, but cannot be lost.
The inside is also equipped with a side pocket where the A4 file is included as it is and a large zipper pocket that can put valuables such as wallets and key cases.
It is a specific specification of "work".