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The time when the consultation of the item for spring celebration has increased.

In our customers, the food and drink industry is annoying, and we are working hard to open up a bright future, and we are working hard to work with each other.

I introduce pick up item & novelty of this month.
We want everyone to be happy with us
Coco Naomi Harumi explored organic sweets.
"Coffee and wine!" I'm glad to hear you.
Like organic sweets, "my products" that made good use of material. Please look at it.

Kusakaya Masahiko

Taurilon lagun

Lagoon lagoon
Luxury Tote Bag

French shrink leather
Luxury product.
Because the famous Maison that comes to the world goes away from love
It is "phantom leather" that is difficult to obtain in Japan.
Inner color
Select a glass green that reminds you of a deep forest.

Know the truth
Comfortable weight and feel when you get it
Please feel rich color.

Mini shoe bag

Mini Shoulder
"Love yellow" lineup

Gift and reward to yourself
Mini Shoulder bag.

Hope "loved yellow" is
Lineup new.

Like a spring sun
It is sure that the mood rises.


A popular color Reloaded

It is added to the hand by the hand
Orange and dark green.

It is indispensable item for adult real clothes.

Nobelty campain

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