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Outdoor pro -ductOut Door Product

[Sophisticated products are camps and living rooms]

We have sublimated from the interpretation of fashion -based fashion, which began in the 1950s from the time of our founding, to an item that matched the modern lifestyle, and proposed various products.

"TAKE IVY", which contains iconic from the 1950s in real time, is still legally handed down in the context of fashion.

Playfulness to enjoy high -quality and orthodox eyebrows, intellectual Yumore sense, sometimes very challenging, and have a stance that does not shake as your own style. These ideas are what we have most important not only for fashion but also as a lifestyle.

And the products to be released this time were the reasons I wanted to deliver them in a style that fits in modern times as a new IVY, a new "new Ivy" that we have experienced.

By sublimating the universal of urban ivy cocks into products that emphasize rationality and functional aspects of outdoors, it can be used as a tool to enjoy in nature, and it can be used for everyday life, fusion of playfulness. 。

Whether in the city or outdoors, people who use it in a visual and functional aspect without any discomfort are free to come up with and stir new creations.
And tough and wild products that have durable in any situation have been realized by using craftsmanship.

The leather used for this product is a sustainable leather created that returns to the soil developed independently. It is hard to scratch while making a slightly matte finish so that you can create a calm and elegant look.
I would be glad if you could see the satisfactory leather query.

[Wrap bag]

A design that can be wrapped in anything like a furoshiki.
When it comes to my own experience, when carrying camping tools from a car, I felt that bags with so -called sides were limited to things to put in. So, sometimes a firewood bag, sometimes a folding chair, or a bag that carries camping tools, and if you arrange the good part of the furoshiki, they will come true.

In everyday use, when I went to the gym, I used a yoga mat holder, but sometimes I couldn't put it in the holder.
This bag can be rounded or folded.

When visiting a friend's house, when you want to bring a souvenir cake or a bouquet with a little volume, from your experience to always find a paper bag that suits its size, these stress can be done.
If it could be resolved, it was developed.

As a bag that hangs on a car headrest and puts essentials inside the car.

It is a product that takes diversity in accordance with the lifestyle and situation of the user.

The canvas area is Fuji Kimme.
Fujin Kinme is a Japanese canvas brand that has been working on tradition since its establishment in 1948 since its establishment in 1948.
While valuing the JAPAN quality, the quality is that the textiles that are carefully selected not only in Japan but also from all over the world are produced as "MADE by Fujin Kinme".
Even if you treat it a little rough, it has a toughness that the aging is oozing out of each lifestyle.
Fuji Gold Ume and Sustainable Leather, two JAPAN quality.
A product with tough tags was born.

[Container bag]

Peg storage pockets from the experience of losing the pegs. The soil at the tip of the pegs is made so that it comes out from the bottom.

There may be voices saying that each one is one, but this is a specialty product that is a romance for a man who enjoys hobbies.

Inside, camping tools and BBQ ingredients. You can put anything in a large frontage specification and pack your favorite gear. The rest is assumed to be used as a simple trash can.

The handle has been adjusted to two steps length, and the functional aspect is also considered to be a shoulder. The shoulder adjustment is made with a driver or a 10 -yen coin. Expressing playfulness that it would be nice to have room to enjoy a lot of effort.

In addition, the handle part is movable, and has been devised so that it can be defeated on the side. By not seeing the handle, it is designed to become a product with a high degree of freedom, as well as a living room.

[Swallow bag]

It is a simple rectangular bag, but the opening part is open, and the gusset is designed to be a U type.

The good thing about this bag is to eliminate the so -called "THE Machi", so thin and tight when the contents are small.
If the contents increase, the U -type gusset corresponds to the wide, so it can be adapted to large capacity.

In the outdoors, you can put camping tools and pack food.
For everyday use, I can carry a notebook PC, A4 notebook, pen case, etc. and carry it tightly. It can also be used as an eco -bag with a change of shopping bag.

The material is advanced canvas paraffin No. 9. Because of the high density of canvas, it is a very difficult fabric to weave and dye, and of course the sewing sewing machine and craftsmanship are the key to sewing. In particular, advanced canvas is a fabric that is more independent because it is even higher densely than normal No. 9 canvas.
Waterproofing is high because the dedicated solid paraffin is dissolved by dissolving the dough with heat and soaked.
The feature is that the fabric itself has a core firmness and a feeling of use (commonly known as a chalk mark) as a chalk as you use. A canvas that can enjoy aging.
The handle and piping are made of original leather Yamato, and the bag body is finished in an adult tote so that it does not too much.

[Hanging belt]

Hanging chain belt with 1.4m loop.
At the time of the camp, there are many items that you want to hang or hook somewhere. It is a belt born from such an experience.
In this case, you can hang a mosquito coil, lantern, cooking utensils, towels, etc. with a tent or tarp.
In the house, in the kitchen and living room, as a hanging belt for interiors, something you want to hang a little, and something you want to hang a little. Because it is a chic leather, it shows the entire living room elegantly.

Black and dark green are developed so that they match the chic for white walls, wood -like houses, concrete houses, and each atmosphere.
Actually, I made a sample, hanging a small green, hat, keys, etc. at my home, and it is convenient from my family.
It is a high usability item that will perform and produce functions with the free idea of ​​that person.

[Multi -holder]

Mosquito coils are sandwiched between magnets and hung. Pass the key to the ring below and as a key ring.

[Bottle carry]

A drink holder that you always want to carry around during the camp. Specifications that are easy to remove because there is a joint.
On a daily basis, you can hang it on the handle or backpack of the bag.

[Plant hanger]

Put lanterns, hang vegetables, and sometimes for mug holders.

[Clever everyday life becomes richer. ]

In the future, we will continue to work only on the items we have experienced as "I wanted this".
I want to live a way of life surrounded by "this is good." Instead of "this is fine." I want to be a craftsman for those people. I want to cherish it because we were born in an era where things were overflowing.

There is a dense context, and I would like to do it without blurring with people who sympathize with people who sympathize with people who are sympathetic so that they will continue to be a brand that can deliver a rich experience that can enjoy it.

Leather craftsman and representative
Masahiko Kusagaya