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Product Birth Story

Smart coin case

Mini -snap walletMINI SNAP WALLET

In 2017, before the keyword "mini wallet" was so popular.
The product was born by starting a sample production, saying, "Can you carry all the banknotes, coins and cards, make a small, compact, easy -to -use wallet?"

“Explore the smallest limit”

The Brooklyn Museum contains banknotes, coins and cards, and has a small size than a two -fold wallet. The base is money clip. The coin pocket has become a card holder, and it is a long -selling item that has continued since 2004.

At one point, when the representative Kusagaya was making rough talks with the customers of the bill scissors, he said, "I use a long wallet and bill scissors in occasion, but it will be smaller, even this size recently. I felt a little big.

Kusagaya himself used a long wallet and money clip (no coin purse), so he suggested that he used it properly.

Kusagaya, who had always felt that the demand for small wallets was gradually increasing, has been developing the development, "Let's pursue the minimum."

“Coexistence of storage, compact, smart”

From 2017 to 2018, the word mini wallet was recognized.
It was Big Maison's "Trinic Wallet".

With the rise of smartphones and smartwatches, cashlessness has progressed, bags and belongings are minimalized. Naturally, the wallet has changed small. Among them, it was visible that the three -fold wallet was explosively penetrated.

It is thickness.
Although it is a sense of size that fits in the palm of the hand, if you put the banknotes, cards, and coins and fold it into three layers, the thickness will come out. I created a sample of a three -fold wallet and used it between the staff, but it was a concern to take a wide range in the bag because it was more volume than I expected.

And another concern is the state of the bill to be issued at the time of accounting.

"Smartness" is a must for adults with a compact wallet.
As a result of giving priority to the appearance compactness, I was really worried that the important bills were paid in a rounded state.
Therefore, we made both the storage capacity and the compactness, and designed the smartness.

“Only selected”

Considering what you want to have in the smallest, the overall vertical size was inevitably decided.
The vertical size is a 10,000 yen bill size.
Yokoze is a credit card size.
The card pocket is limited to three, and only the selection is stored.
The three definitions are the minimum number of cards that are always brought out of the customers' voices, saying that they will always carry three types of cards, cash cards, cash cards, licenses, and insurance cards.

In addition, the coin pocket is an irregular flap parts called "Kabuse". Usually, it is a method of curving from the back to the front, but then the volume is in the Kabuse, which is different from this intention.
Therefore, the flap parts are sewn on the main body covaline and the volume is set to a minimum. Since the coin pocket is gusset, the ease of viewing of coins is maintained as it is, and a convenient compactness is realized.

"Design of subtraction"

Positive positioning of banknotes that affect the usability of wallets.
In most cases, belts, hooks, zipperes, etc. are used to prevent banknotes from falling off, but they prioritize compactness and reduce those parts. Furthermore, if you were aware of the smartness of adults, it was a must to set it in a separate room from the coin or card pocket.

Therefore, the bill of banknotes was adopted.
Arranged between the card pocket and the coin pocket as a storage space, sewn 12mm in the lower pocket, polished the koba and integrated.
This integration has been fixed at the bottom, and even if there are no parts that cover the banknotes such as zipper, there is no need to worry about falling off.

“WABI-SABI Wallet”

The change in lifestyle has changed the way of wallets.
That's why I feel that the number of people who use them properly has increased, without limiting the restrictions of "must be this".

If you want to show it crisp, a long wallet.
If you want to go out casually, a mini wallet.
You can change your mood with the same mini wallet with color.

This mini -snap wallet is a wallet where you can taste "luxury you don't have".
A product that conveys such a thing, "I wish I could enter a little more", "Why don't you go this lightly now?"

Don't decorate, gently snuggle up.
It is an iconic product with a small but significant meaning.