Friday, December 6, 2019

I make Kumiko Hojo playing an active part a life stylist,
I hold "ための workshop shining like" oneself.

The event that was led as if I sympathized with the concept of the Brooklyn museum.
Here is a hint to do the life wealthily.

2019 is remainder only ..., too

How long might it be accomplished to have made planning at the beginning of a year?

Is there not much which I imagine having felt, "I want to do it", thing that I thought "to want to become like this", various" oneself ", and made a start?

The days when I change in a private for work in back stomach with such thought busily.One's head is reset once before being driven to the speed, and feeling stressDo you not do it?


I did "how work was pushed forward effectively" with a concept, and the Brooklyn museum continued planning the "notebook refill notebook which I pointed to the" business scene.

"The importance of what I write by hand" that it is the times when I can manage the schedule on a smartphone and a PC, a cloud now, but is reviewed now.

Time to calm a heart not making a schedule well, and to look back toward oneself, and to invite 2020 comfortably.

In the reward to own, please sense it bodily.

Workshop | Thyme schedule

From 19:30 to 20:45 work session

I prepare worksheet 〉 which I can set the goal of of the <2,020 year.
I look back on one year and begin to write feeling じていること "every theme in" now and will be work to be comfortable, and to start 2020 because it is clear, and oneself does a figure, the aim that there wants to be next year this year.

I subtilize mind Fournet's 〈 breathing method 〉 and the five senses on the way, and it is more tasteful, and a mouthful is feltMeditation to eatYou can experience も.


Art of from 20:45 to 21:00 notebook utilization, talking session

From here, I learn art of notebook utilization of Hojo from one hand in wine and herb tea with everybody.

The viewpoint only by Hojo that many business etiquette books are published is an eye-opener.

By the talking session, the staff of the Brooklyn museum appears, too; with the real voice from a visitor,Please teach "how to use that does not come in such a case".


From 21:00 to 21:30 relaxation thyme & photo session

Finally, while taking a break in ..., herb tea while drinking liquor; ...,

Time to have you talk while being relaxed is a time of the supreme bliss when "I will want to become it in this way next year".

You can thoroughly enjoy a good-quality leather accessory while imagining "oneself whom" wants to become because you can pick up the product of the Brooklyn museum. Because the shopping can be enjoyed, please order it willingly.




State of the workshop of the

As for the person that the person who met for the first time is not so.

While I deepen a story,I say that "oneself" which I did not notice is found by oneself.


Friday, December 6, 2019 from 19:30 to 21:30

(reception desk start /19:15 -)



Entrance fee

\ 5,000 (tax-included)

It is with one drink
(wine, herb tea, coffee, hot lemonade)

Please pay on that day in 〈 credit card, cash 〉.




The BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama head office


5-3-9, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Honjo Building 1F

From Tokyo Metro "Omotesando Station" A1 exit a 3-minute walk



I heard it in a reservation system.

Kumiko Hojo

Graduate from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; through a wedding chairmanship, training lecturer in 2007 Avex Group Holdings Inc. human resource department Co., Ltd. for education charge.

I become independent as a carrier counselor, a training lecturer in 2010.

At companies or universities of the whole country to approximately 2,500 people a year business etiquette,I perform communication, training, seminar - of the carrier.

As a life stylist, I shift the life that was work (work) gathering to straight きること = life now. I adopt sleep management and mind Fournet's for work, and oneself aims at doing like oneself and way of life (lifestyle) beautifully and lays emphasis on the making of place to spread it.



April, 2016Dissection illustrated book of the business etiquetteI publish it (エクスナレッジ)

December, 2017Salon hospitality doctrineI publish it (fragrance journal)

March, 2018Basic member of society first grader perfection of the workI publish it (Kodansha)

​March, 2019Seven manner of the way of workingI publish it (Kodansha)



Carrier consultant / psychology counselor / coach / sleep leader / mind Fournet strainer

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The BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama head office

5-3-9, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Honjo Building 1