Gift to loved ones

Why don't you give a carefully made of Brooklyn Museum during the holiday season?
A wide lineup, from gift items that convey thanks to items that satisfy your feelings.
Introducing leather products that can be used for a long time.

Mini -snap wallet

A 3in1 -type mini wallet with a coin case, card case, banknote pocket without waste, and slim.

It is an adult mini wallet that creates a small but rich atmosphere by finishing with a that gives off the high quality at a glance.

[French calf] 35mm belt

The belt width is not too thin and not too thick because of the idea that it can be used in dress down or in casual scenes. Many customers have chosen as a gift.

[French calf] key case

5 consecutive key chains, removable rings, and card pockets on the back.A three -fold type key case.
We will make an initial engraving for free.Because of unisex design, it may have color matching and different materials.
It is also ◎ to match with a couple.You can choose from seven types of colors.

[Smooth leather] Postman mini shoulder

Postman bagDesign a minimalized handle and gusset while retaining a feeling of rudo.
Not only denim and baker pants, but also dresses and pleated skirts. It is an almighty bag that blends well with men's and ladies.
The pleasure is the capacity that can store long wallets neatly despite being mini size.

“Play with a set”

How about enjoying the individuality of the items that you have in the set in color creation?

“Enjoy traditional dyes with leather”

It is colored by the balance between blue and purple, and is a Japanese blue, with many fans in the world.
that can fully enjoy the patterns and aging like the grain.
Aiso dyeing & persimmon astringent collection born by people who support Japanese manufacturing. The taste and excitement are at a long time.