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International wallet

International walletInternational Wallet

“Wallet that is easy to use overseas”

At the time of the opening of Aoyama Main Store, the first one of the many lineups was this international wallet, a representative wallet.
Nowadays, it is commonplace that overseas banknotes are one size smaller than Japanese banknotes, but at the time, the UK, especially in the UK, often protruded from Japanese wallets. Carrying a wallet protruding is not a good condition not only for usability, but also for safety. So I started working on a concept, saying, "I want to make a wallet that is easier to use overseas."

The hardest thing about overseas business trips is the settlement of the travel expenses you are waiting for after returning to Japan. We often visit Europe, which we often visit in two or three countries, and before the current Euro was introduced, the United Kingdom was pound, France was Fran, and Italy was Lilla (the currency of the time), respectively. Since the conversion rate was different, it was very difficult to divide the receipt.
The first thing I thought was that if there was a partition pocket that could divide the receipt by country, it would be possible to make a payment smoothly.
I assumed where the partition pocket was attached, how many pockets were required, and as a business trip, I assumed two to three countries for two to three countries, and as a result, I decided to add three partitions. And I thought that the best place to fit in appearance while taking advantage of the design was the best under the coin purse pocket, so we proceeded with the development.

“Pay coin purse to the left”

There are many common wallet coin pockets on the right side, but in Brooklyn, the right -handed pocket is easier to use, so we decided to attach the pocket to the left. By doing so, I thought that it could be seen deep into the coin purse, and that the coin could be put in and out smoothly. Then, the gusset width has been widened, and the amount of coins can be received at the flap, so that coins may be easier to check, and we have thoroughly selected and verified the “comfort”.

“Partition pocket that thought of total power”

Not only for overseas business trips, but also after returning to Japan, when using it in Japan, the first of the three partition pockets is personal receipt, the second is a license, and the third is a license. We have assumed that we can store cards, etc. and use it for domestic use.

During the production process, there were many places where parts overlapped, so I was told, "It's a product that makes craftsmen cry." However, in 2001, the craftsman wanted to make good things. I was able to commercialize it for the first time. I am very grateful to the craftsman.
If such a beautiful wallet comes out from the chic bag or jacket pocket, you will surely catch the people around you.