What criteria do you choose?

The delightful "color" is the "cheerful" of life.

The delightful "color" is the "cheerful" of life.

THE BROOKLYN MUSEUMWell, it's what we use every day.

This is a unique worldview.

ColorThe 'kusuguri' (kusuguri), which is scratched off, is merry


A stitch that is characteristic of Brooklyn.

A distinctive expression of leather and stitch in which it is factored in.

Elegant/Schick/I have a variety of impressions, including modern modus.



Color scheme(colour)And when you think about it, the most important point

" Is it elegant and able to express the playwright of Otona??

I'm running out of this aesthetics.



Stocks are conspicuous. Stocks with their hands and eyes. Stocks are on the stecks.

This is essential. and politely, to make sure that the stitches and the small pitch of the pitch are not large.

In cooking, the addition of 'tema' is reflected in the price, but the delicatness changes, and it feels as if it is 'heartaway' in the first hand. By feeling "hearth", we think that there is more value than the price of the price.

It is difficult to determine the identity of the leather and to choose the bante (thickness of thread).
In Brooklyn, we use 20 and eight hands.

Flenticaf, Yamato Code Bang, indigo dyeing, persimmon juice with persimmon, chrome-type pressed, box-carves, and these leather small objects are used by the twenty-hand. The bante is too wide to be casual, so it is too delicate to be balanced and unbalanced.
By using the twenty-hand, the difference between the color scheme and the stitch is a delicate balance, and it represents "the upperness of the otona."

Crocodile, indigo, crocodile, persimmon, crocodiles, crocodiles, these leather products,8Bante.Crocodile has an impact on the leather itself.20In the bante, the impact of leather will be defeated.

So,20A little thicker than the bante.8By using the bante, in the impact.

You can create a "elegant color".



The best use of each of these characteristics is to increase the completion degree.



I want to give you something that I have made serious.



I have a greedy idea in Brooklyn.