Rules of application

Please apply to the campaign after agreeing to the following terms (notes and prohibited items).


· If you can not reply within 20 days after the winning notice, please note that the winning may be invalid.

· The photo you applied will be posted on our website. Please note that it is not always listed.

· The photo you applied may be published in our SNS, e-mail magazine, catalog, etc. Please note.

· There is a possibility of posting the photos you applied in the news release. In addition, regarding news releases, we agree in advance that we can not identify and manage media.

· Please post using your own Instagram account.

· If you post a photo to Instagram with a hashtag "# my Brooklyn Museum" in the posting caption, we shall apply to the campaign after the applicant agreed to all of the precautions.

· The photo to be posted is limited to what the applicant themselves were taken. If a designated hash tag is not entered, if you do not follow our Official Instagram account (@brooklynmuseum1979_official), you will not apply.

· For the photos to be posted, do not allow a third party to be noted without permission.

· If the photos to be posted are other companies' products, it will be outside the campaign application even if you meet other application conditions.

· If you have trouble with a third party, we will not be responsible if you have trouble with the third party.

· If the applicant performs the following prohibited acts, we will delete the application and request compensation for the damage caused by the Company.

· Internet connection fees and communication costs that apply for campaigns are burdened by applicants.

· This campaign does not support, sponsor, operate, and involve Instagram.

· We shall be able to change or cancel the applicant without notifying the applicant for the campaign. Also, if you need it, you can change these terms without notice to the applicant, and you can take necessary measures to ensure the appropriate operation of the campaign.


We prohibit the following actions when applying for the campaign.

· Action that prevents the operation of campaign

· Action that causes annoying, disadvantages, damage to our company or others

· Act that inhibits the normal function of the Company or third party computer

· Acts that slander and other people are slandered and damage to their honor or credit

· Action that violates other people's copyright and other intellectual property rights

· Act that uses this campaign for information provision, advertising or soliciting for commercial purposes

· Act to post photos to promote sexual exploitation to children pornography and children

· Acts against public order and morals Various Conditions of Instagram, laws and regulations, acts against social common sense

· Act as many other items