Time passes
Love very much

A keyword of the leather which we perform select of is the latest thing, but even a famous thing is not a price.

"Do you age beautifully?" 」
But it is only it.

I want you to inherit it for years for dozens of years.
A design. Make.
And the leather which can repeat time beautifully.

Roundness of the comfortable bitterness and taste such as the wine appears by embezzling it and begins to spin a personal design such as the denim.

Aging to convey until sensitivity and consciousness in the firm luster and depth.

A stain and scratch few to a new thing, the change of the color.
It is oneself.
Therefore I love it very much.

-. which continues being loved even if not only I attract the circumference, but also a generation changes
Attachment is a key relieving the world.