The Shape of love varies.


It's a great way to start your day.

Why do not you make it into a shape?


“Monozukuri”at the Brooklyn Museum、

From the lead craftsman to you.

Create your own original leather tray

You can experienceA workshop will be held.

Episode 1

Customers visited by family 3 people.

As a birthday present to your husband.、A"workshop experience"It seems that it was handed over with a handmade ticket.

I wanted to present the experience.

I was delighted when I saw that my children were making it with me.

Episode 2

Our customers who participated by themselves.

He said he knew the workshop he had always been interested in, and was soon booked.It was impressive to have been working quietly seriously.

I didn't have time to rest my head at work or at work, but it's important that I can immerse myself in it with no worries.

It was the best reward for myself.

Date and time of the event》

2020: 2/8 (sat.)

Article 1 / 12: 00〜Full membership

Second round/16: 00〜Full membership

* Each round capacity: 4 Kumiai (As soon as it reaches the capacity, we will have a deadline.)
*Please register 10 minutes before the event.


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump is expected to win the White House in November】

This time was popular, and both the first and second were packed.
We are very sorry for your inconvenience.
At the time of the next workshop held (scheduled for the end of the Year, details undecided) so I would like to guide you preferentially, if you want [your name, next time Hope] and you fill in, please send it from the"reservation form".

The contents of the workshop》

Making leather trays

Brooklyn Museum original leather from the four colors (navy, beige, dark brown, yellow), select your favorite color.
Then, under the lecture of Masahiko kusagaya, representative director of our company, we will do paste of material, polishing Koba, coating paint to Koba, and Hock punching.
You can also choose the stitching color, so you can create a single leather tray in the world.

*Although the craftsmen do the stitching work with the sewing machine and the book cutting of the leather, you can also carry out sewing machine sewing experience if you wish.


Required time:about 2 hours

Age: elementary school, middle or older


Since there is work to paint the coating of Koba, please come with clothes that may get dirty.

Participation fee》

5,500 yen(Tax included)/reservation required

プ Petit Suites & amp; Coffee.

On the day you can also buy fragrant baked goods of"Patisserie L'essentielle".

Place to be held》


Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5-3-9 Honjo Building 1F


We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

At the time of the next workshop held (scheduled for the end of the Year, details undecided) so I would like to guide you preferentially, if you want [your name, next time Hope] and you fill in, please send it from the"reservation form".

Deadline / 2020 years 2/4 (Tue)

Please include the following details in the reservation form.


The count of times [12:00 or 16:00〕

⒉ Color of leather tray of your choice

< Example: Navy>please describe / 1 colors when making with the same color on the front and back.
< Example: dark brown×yellow>please describe the case / two colors when making with the front and back different colors.

We will contact you from the staff in charge.


It resonated with the thoughts of the Brooklyn Museum.

Collaboration is achieved.

Limited edition items are on sale.

Genki Ushijima

Genki Ushijima[Born 1986]

Patisserie L'essentielle

Owner patissier

After graduating from high school, he moved to France with the intention of becoming a pastry chef.
In the Salon de thé La provence、
A renowned patissier as a "Japanese representative of France"、
From the encounter with Sadaharu Aoki、
He trained at Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris.

After that, I went to Nice, France, with an inquiring mind.
Experience the French that stimulates the five senses of KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA.
I was deeply impressed by the culture of France and the splendor of the fragrance of the material, and decided to become independent.
​2015 the theme of“fragrance”on harimazaka, Bunkyo-ku
"Patisserie L'essentielle,"opened.

The Christmas cake sold at Isetan in 2019 was called the next generation of Star Pastry Chef because of its beauty and rich aroma.

Masahiko Kusagaya

Masahiko kusagaya[Born 1981]


Representative director and head craftsman

The BROOKLYN MUSEUM founder's father, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, said he wanted to"go to the world with my dad one day."

While attending high school, he helped with the company, and experienced"what is a work that lasts a lifetime".He decided to join the company with graduation and aspired to become a craftsman.
From the age of 19, he studied business with his father and went to London, Paris and New York.I feel the culture of each country in the skin, and I am a connoisseur of the material, and I am searching for a method to take advantage of the material.

In contrast to the solid technical capabilities, it was selected as a young craftsman of“CRAFTED for LEXUS”by TOYOTA LEXUS.
In 2019, the 40-year anniversary of the founding of the company marks a generational change.
We will continue to aim at"manufacturing that enriches the world."

Limited Item

Among the items at the Brooklyn Museum、

"I love having them together," she said.」

And of the topic, snap mini wallet.


As a collaboration limited package、

Croco pattern snap mini wallet

To all those who purchased、

Patisserie L'essentielle's"cake au chocolat"

We will give you a present.


3 months, from the dried fruit to make

The original spices that stand out、

Like a fragrance.

It is produced from a solid appearance

Please enjoy the rich taste.


* Limited package will be closed as soon as it is gone.

* Cake ooshokora is、
You can enjoy about a month at room temperature.

The same shape, different colors ...

The presence that attracts the viewer and the beautiful Croco pattern leather so as to be transparent.

The pair were dressed casually in a matching pair of shades.

Patisserie L'essentielle

Patisserie Reserva



4-16-7 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Closed: Thursday)

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