Nice to meet you.
Brooklyn Museum COO
Harumi NAITO.

From this time in Melmaga,
"At all the Trial & Error-This is Harumi's Style -"
the following information was sent to the sender.

A little, no, it's a long, long time.
I would appreciate it if you'd like to read me to your spare time.

First of all, it's the first thing
Self-referral and recent activity
I'd like to have a little talk with you.

I have been in this industry for about 25 years.

At the Apparel Jewelry brand.
Talent training, brand management, interior brand, etc.
Building Craft Gatten and Nursing Industry
I've been through every genre of experience.

to clarify the purpose of the experience,
Trial & Error.
I'm not interested in what I'm interested in.
There was a occasional wound.

Koto didn' t work out.
He was a fool, to be a fool.
It's the open cot.
Might be a few.

and they are nutritionizing them, and they try to put the chojiri together.
The first section of the section was decided.

These seven tumuts have been raised to the present day.
The talk of the Gatten and the nursing care industry is another opportunity.

A meeting with the Brooklyn Museum
I joined in Brooklyn, my late twenties.
At the time, together with the founder of the founder, Kazuhisa Kusagaya,
I ran a selection shop for Ladies.

The antique jewelry that the founders had bought in London.
I designed accessories, accessories, bags, shoes, and so on.
Selectron with a single point of object .

It was a sledge, but it was
From the other side of the garas-baron shop,
with a gimmly sail of acquainted acquainted with each other's guests
It was a moderate shop.

Actress, soccer player, film director, etc. in a place.
and a delightful conversation with a client, a customer,
I remember it as if it were yesterday.

The original OEMs were the main products of the OEMs.
Brokling Team, led by OEMs
Selectron Haas team.It was run by these two teams.

I caused a selectomy boom in Japan.
The famous Urabara brand that was created by the wind at that time.
In foreign countries, major department stores
New York's Paul Stuart.
the buyer-like product of the buyer was the main product
It was in Brooklyn, at the time.

I'm a young man,
It was a time of adoration, watching the hard and strong otnaders working happily.

Since about 2000, the wave of massive fast-fashion fashion has been pushed around.
The era of mass production cost destruction has come.

And the product that was swallowed by the wave
For the customer
For us.
Is it wise?
And the founders worried about the conflict.
From Brooklyn, which was centered on OEMs.
is to launch our own brand,
"I want you to look graceful and elegant, like you're in an art museum,"
It was the moment that I was trying to create a Brand name, Brooklyn Museum.

So, Haas closes with the founders and Haas closes.
I left Brooklyn for the first time in Brooklyn.

And then ...
I'd like you to have the experience I mentioned at the beginning.
2014: Aoyama head office is located in front of the shrine
Return at the time of the reneural opening.

The timing of the generation change in 2019.
The Brooklyn Museum COO.

The current representative, the Kusagaya, will be in a direction and design.
Various business related to management have been made.

A generation shift, now, two generations of staff,
talk a lot
a good laugh
is active.

They are all highly flexible and exuplexed.
He is a respected staff.

The words that the founders used to say.
"How can you make your life richer, and how to make life richer?"
The founder was passionate about the product.

Now, what's obsesswith with the product,
Mashiko Kusagaya, the son of the founder, and Masahiko Kogaya, the son of the founder,
We're creating things every day.

I have seen the 20th anniversary of the company's founder and the current representative,
"How happy and how to make life richer."
It's about inheriting the product, of course,
I agree with this message.
Through your business with your client, your business, your business
We all want to cry and laugh, and we're working on it.

In May last year, he was called "McGeese Tokyo."
a charity event to the Angers Canserering Centre, the birthplace of Great Britain,
In December of the same year, he incorporated the Mindfulness.
Event of life dessert work.

In February of this year, I experienced the experience of creating things.
I love the things that I can hold forever.
I'm going to tell you the end of the disposable era.
A workshop on environmental issues was held.

Any event
Customer & Consultative Company & Private Staff
The movie is "crying, laughing, or theatre".
It's a very exciting experience. It's in a state of experience!

This year, as last year, events were scheduled for Maggie's Tokyo in May.(If you converge, you'll do it.)

Other crafts, from Singapore, are from Singapore.
On the outgoing
I have a Brooklyn Museum product, but the crafts are elegant and beautiful without flattery.

Brooklyn Museum customers,
I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a chance to see it.
I have just told you that, and I'm very pleased to say that you're OK.
We also planned to exhibit beautiful handicrafts at the Brooklyn Museum to conduct a delicious drink while displaying the handicrafts.

of how easily it is to make life richer
Event plan.I have a lot to think about.

You don't have to do it right now
I'll always see you again.

Instead of hope, it is to be decided.

They have strong hope.
a positive view of the preparation period
I'm working on a cot I can now.

This is the time of #stayhome.
Fortunately, the representative is a workman
And in the case of a product, you can see a sample
Discussions immediately.
at the time of submission,
Creation of an object for the purpose of raising the completion degree.

Staff Takisawa is a plan for web planning and sales activities to make a world view of the Brooklyn Museum.
"Staff Watanabe" refers to production management, finance and other issues.

with our strong staff and the remortting,
The teamwork continues to proceed without stopping.

And online,
I want you to enjoy the live shop!
I started a live concierge and chat service, and it's been a month earlier.

Liebshop has a model, the Grass Valley,
Let me show you a whole body of goods and fashion codades.
I'm going to show you my wallet and my bag's dittiels up.

sometimes to talk about their hobbies, to talk about their world,
FreeStyle OK.

Incidentally, Kusagaya is a leather feather.
It is like explaining the part of the broiled meat at the time, and the story of leather is about to be discussed.

Saku Kusagaya
"The live shop is like a TV shopping mall!"
I said.

In a chat,
Consultation about repairs and cleaning
Contact Delivery Consultation and Contact Appointment
and so on.

I can't see my face, but I can't see it.
"Let' s get over this difficult problem!"
and encouragement.
You are being saved by the words of a word.

The Brooklyn Museum customer
It's just the warmest.
Thank you very much.

Because this is the situation,
New thinking.
From a hint in the retroactive thoughts.
Think of the new future.
It produces hope.

And the word "hope"
I used to hear from elementary school students,
of a word of hope now
I'm biting the wonderness.

I'm just here to love you.
drank coffee for a change,
with a taste of alcohol
Don't use a live shop or chat.

You don't have to buy a product at all.
I just need to talk.
I think there's a time for you to be healthy.
It is very easy for you to do so.

・ BESPOKE introduction
・ OEM introduction
・ Past events
We are sending with highlights.
When you have time
I would be happy if you could check it out.

By the way
The representative and I also have an instagram.
I am ashamed to tell you
There is no so-called glaring element!
However, I am sending it clumsy.

For my 10-year-old son
Despite the complaint, "It doesn't look good!"
While admitting that it is true, I am slowly uploading.
If you feel like it, please come over there.

Then, next time, I would like to write about environmental issues and various recent events.

I just talked too much. (Excuse me!)
Please stay with me until the end
Thank you very much.

“Today's trial and error”

While thinking
If you were shopping at a supermarket,
As if showing in my brain,
I found a round and round mekabu.
Reset the round and round in the brain once? ! I thought
If the mekabu was cut into pieces,
ART-like "Ladies of Mohican" appeared.

The two on the right have a nice cape.
The second lady from the left is a lady from space! ?
I tried a trial
I met a happy error.