"The interior is" Marling & Evans "that the top brand loves.

Merlin & Evans was founded in 1782 in England in the southwest stroud.

It is an integrated production manufacturer of spinning, weaving, and finishing. In the 19th century, it became widely known for flannel material, and in the 1920s Rolls and Royce used a thick flannel material for car interiors. I did it.

1960After relocating to Yorkshire's Haders Field in the age, it specializes in weaving and pre -shipment packing and inspection warehouses, and finishes worldwide.WtIt is held in Johnson.



《Dormeuil-Luxurious quality for the interior》

A luxury clothing brand founded by Jules Dormel in France in 1842.

Dormel, which succeeded in fusion of British tradition and formula in French elegance, and originally started with business that imports British clothing to France, is now highly evaluated around the world because it is the finest. I have obtained.

It is also provided as a fabric for famous luxury Auto couture brands, and is currently in Paris, which consolidates headquarters functions such as planning design, inventory management, production management, and import / export management, and develops while providing fabrics to luxury brands. I keep doing it.



《The body is Vulcanized Fiber》

It is a unique hard fiber board that was created by stacking high -purity pulp fiber paper in multiple layers and treating integrated treatment.

Even in the hardware, it is a new sensation material that resembles the texture of nature.

Wood, metal, characteristics not in plastic and gentle texture. It is hard to burn, and it is hard to get dirty. And it is a tough material that does not cause dirt due to static electricity.

Fiber trunks with excellent durability, wear resistance, and insulation have been used in various fields.

During the war, when the lack of materials such as iron, it was also used in cases where munitions were transported.




Tomorrowland is being deployed at the following stores

▪️Shinjuku Isetan Men's 7F

▪️ Marunouchi

▪️ Umeda Hankyu



¥ 253,000 (TAX IN)


Because it ’s a boarding size

It can be used flexibly for business trips and travel.