MINI SNAP WALLET collaboration
7/12 start

A beautiful mini -wallet with minimalism.
Collaboration has been realized by the coloring of Tomorrowland.
Started at Tomorrowland from July 12 at the following stores.
Please take it by all means.

▶ ︎ Isetan Men's Hall
▶ ︎ Umeda Hankyu Men's Building
▶ ︎ Shinjuku LUMINE
▶ ︎ LUMINE Yurakucho
▶ ︎ Yokohama LUMINE
▶ ︎ Yokohama Takashimaya
▶ ︎Lukua Osaka
▶ ︎ Shinjuku Takashimaya
▶ ︎ Tokyo Daimaru


[Product birthday story]

A proposed product that was born in 2017 when the footsteps of the cashless era began to be heard as a proposition that all of the banknotes, coins, and cards could be carried.

This timing overlaps with the time when a three -fold wallet becomes a boom, mainly in the maison system.

However, three -fold wallets have an increase in the overall thickness to summarize the necessary elements, and most of them have more volume than expected when put in a bag or in a pocket of clothing. In addition, when I folded the banknotes into three, I felt that the end of the design was that the end was rounded, and when using ATMs, the problem was likely to occur.

We repeated this mini -sequet to eliminate the concerns and complete this mini -sequet.

The coin pocket is greatly opened and closed with a gusset effect like origami, achieving visibility and easy access.
It is calculated so that it can be organized thinly during storage. Here, one card can be stored, and the design is designed with diversity, such as putting a key in addition to coins.

Next, we considered the part where the banknotes were inserted.
Arranged between the card pocket and the coin pocket as a storage space, sewn 12mm in the lower pocket, polished the koba and integrated. This integration has been fixed at the bottom, and even if there are no parts that cover the banknotes such as zipper, there is no need to worry about falling off.

With the option of not taking a gusset, he succeeded in landing on the ambivalent result of not sacrificing the functions he wanted.

This design has obtained design registration and is the only product that can enjoy minimal functional beauty for adults.