─New Model─ ラウンドショルダーバッグ登場

A new round shoulder bag is now available to decorate the women's line of the Brooklyn Museum.

With beautiful curves and a clean straight line, the round shoulder bag is light enough to look like a full leather finish and elegant.

The main material is seasonless shrink leather.
The style that I decided to paris at the time of commuting, the style with a shiny feeling dressed up such as a wedding ceremony and a party, and a little rough style of the holiday.
It is a bag that finishes it to an adult well in any scene.

Sales started at Aoyama head office and ONLINE SHOP.

<Round Shoulder Bag>
PRICE: JPY 83,000 (excluding tax)
COLOR: Available in 4 colors (Navy/Yellow/Taupe/White)
Size: Length 25 x Horizontal 30 x Machi 13 Shoulder Thin: Width 1.5/ Length 99-105 (unit: cm)

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