[Man who photographed Andy Warhol] Kosuke Doi's solo exhibition

We will hold a solo exhibition by photographer Kosuke Tsuchii taken in New York, such as Andy Warhol, Salvatol Dali, Madonna, Joan Jilbert, etc. from the 1970s to 1980s.


Kosuke Doi Profile Story

(Miracle encounter NYC (1971-1986) ~ Because I was close to the camera ~

May 1971 I went to the first overseas trip at the age of 30 to overcome the obstruction that came after the Osaka Expo.
He jumped out with two cameras, $ 500 (180,000 yen) at the time, and crossed Canada.
Just before the wallet was empty, he jumped into the photo studio in Montreal and was miraculously treated, but resigned in about two months.

I drifted to New York, which I didn't intend to go. This city was a huge theater.
He lived with the help of only one acquaintance, and was fortunate to be a freelance assistant for the "Think Groupe", which is fortunate and planned.

Three years have passed, and when I am looking for a photo -related job, I hear that there are photographers who are aspiring to be a photographer called "Freelance Photographers Assistant" in this city. 。

There is only a big city, and photographers come from countries around the world for interviews and photography, but I have no sense of land, so I hire an assistant in the field as a location guide and industry guide. I got acquainted with such a croup.
Then, in March 1974, a photographer was looking for a part -time assistant, so I was told to meet.

While the words were still sloppy, he went to the interview with his courage, and he was a master of the photo world, Helmut Newton.

When I received a simple question, I got a phone call for the next day. A miracle happened. The request is a swimsuit of the fashion page of the playboy's male magazine "OUL".
NY was still cold, so the location was planned to stay in the Caribbean Island Haiti for a week. He joined Helmut Newton, AD, and three models at Keneday Airport.

Shooting at a warm island hotel was performed using a pool and lobby.
Helmut Newton was demanded in the middle of the shooting, he was also used as a model, and there was a happening that appeared in a magazine, so it was a dream -like job.
From here, my various miracles began.


Encounter between Kosuke Doi and Director Harumi Naito


The trigger was December 2019.
At an acquaintance's house, Doi's solo exhibition was held, and in the photos of many celebrities seen there, there was a photo of Andy Warhol.

The Brooklyn Museum was a leather brand that was inspired by pop art 45 years ago after being inspired by pop art.

Andy Warhol's color creation method is still essential for our products.
Andy Warhol has a great influence on many creators, including us. The encounter with Doi, who was filmed, was a miracle for me.

In February 2020, he realized that he was afraid, but shook his courage and told:
"Could you hold a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum?"

Mr. Doi said, "I've always thought that I would like to do a solo exhibition in Omotesando. If I hope, my dream will come true."
I remember the meaning of the word "people born to impress" in this reply.

From that day, Corona is popular at the end of the event, "Let's!"
Despite being inevitable once, I felt that I would always be sure to be someday. I was waiting for "at that time" while interacting with Heart to Heart.

And 2023, October.
I went to Cafe DECO, a coffee studio in Nagano Prefecture, which is run by Mr. Doi, and shared the joy of "that time"! "



Doi says:
"Until now, I met unexpected people and saw various scenery because I kept doing what I liked.
He had no honor or status, but was connected to those who had no idea from the only edge. The miracle of the chain. "and.

At the solo exhibition, I am looking forward to seeing a wonderful chain with everyone.


Brooklyn Museum Director
Naito Harumi

Prior to the solo exhibition, we will introduce one frame of a talk event held in October 2023.

87 -year -old Doi is a very friendly personality. Approximately 50 people will come to the event, and some people have come from Hokkaido or Osaka for this day.

The story of Doi -san and the celebrity is just like a fairy tale. Everyone listened to the wine and listened comfortably.



We will introduce a part of "Andy Warhol" from many episodes between Mr. Doi and the celebrities.

About 50 years ago, there was a magazine called "Cue", which focused on the lifestyle of New York celebrity at that time. New York, which has no jeans yet, was in a time when there was a product.

When I go to the disco, there is a Warhol where I go. With the surroundings. Certainly, I think I had Baskia.
On the go, interviews with fashion shows, birthday parties, and in the city.

I always carry a camera, so I looked like "Oh".
Warhol always had a strange mysterious atmosphere.
Andy was motivated wherever he went. People are approaching. When your eyes meet, you will be thrilled. I felt that was attractive.


The solo exhibition is scheduled for the spring of 2024.

I would be grateful if you could visit this opportunity.