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➖Giorgio de Kiriko, a lonely painter who shocked the 20th century art➖ The "De Kiriko Exhibition" is being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from April 27 (Sat) to August 29 (Thursday), August 29, 2024.


Hmm, by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museumshop
Brooklyn Museum

We will sell collaboration items with Brooklyn Museum during the De Kirico Exhibition at the HMM, by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop, which is operated by the permanent museum shop of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Design product series inspired by art

This is a series designed by a permanent museum shop, designed with the concept, color, shape, texture, etc. of the work.

In the product plan of Inspired design influenced by "De Kiriko's metaphysical painting"
In order to respond to the request of "Made -in Japan's gem with the theme of fusion of art and fashion," a simple design that can be used everyday, the unique color and atmosphere of De Kiriko's work. Express in leather and stitches. We have made a carefully discerning leather item that is carefully finished one by one.

The high -quality leather "Yamato" is used

The Brooklyn Museum uses an all -made in -Japan high -quality leather "Yamato" developed for about two years, aiming for environmentally friendly leather. The biggest feature is the benefits of the four seasons in Japan and the use of Japanese beef, which has been carefully raised by craftsmen.

The characteristic of Yamato is the beauty of aging. A deep aging is realized in clear. While feeling the world of art casually, the color gradually changes deeper and deeply with the number of years of wearing. A gem that tastes increased as you use it. While recalling De Kiriko's view of the world, we aim to enhance the impression of that person in the business scene.

A clear color and texture that can be expressed only by the main dyeing

Yamato is tanned by tannin tanning so as not to impair the texture of Japanese beef, and is dyed by the processing method called "Hon -dyed". The process of putting a little dye in the raw skin, drying the sun, adding a little dye again and drying the sun is repeated over time, and the dye is applied to the leather core over time. Each one that is carefully finished with hand -dyeing without any hassle is packed with craftsmanship and commitment.

The smoothness realized with the scary

Performing a "tsuki" that is rarely done now is an important key to talking about Yamato. In order to adjust the skin, smooth the surface with a spatula. By applying this work several times, it will be more beautiful and elegant leather. It is a world -class leather that has been realized by the creators who have been willing to make the process of being refused to say that various tanners are "too much time and effort."

I used the high -quality leather that I made, and I made it with a spare time and effort to the invisible details. From cow breeding, raw skin to the last process of processing to leather, all -maid -in -in Japan, which has been handled by Japanese outstanding craftsmen, guarantees the quality of the world. 。

This time, we made a clutch bag, glasses case, sakosh and cup sleeve. Here are all four types of items.

Only high quality genuine leather
Elegant clutch bag

Clutch bag 33,000 yen (tax included)
Development color: Midnight Blue✕Black, yellow✕Red, brown✕yellow

The stylish clutch bag finished with tasteful genuine leather is perfect for sophisticated adult outfits. Recommended for business scenes. While there is a dignity overall, the colored cowhide and accented accents inspired by the work of Giorgio de Kiriko create a good impression.

As an adult -like accessory storage bag

It can store small stationery such as A5 size notebooks and pens, and is also recommended as a stationary bag. The inside has one small pocket that can just fit the keys and various cards, so it is a nice designFinished.

If you carry it with a bag -in -bag, you can quickly take it out of the bag even at an official meeting or meeting, and it will be a “ready style”.

It's like a pocket chief
glasses case

Glasses case 13,200 yen (tax included)
Development color: Midnight Blue✕Black, yellow✕Red, brown✕yellow

The glasses case is also mature with leather items. High quality leather protects important glasses.

Easy to put glasses in and out with a simple structure! It supports a wide range from reading glasses to fashion glasses, and can be used for a long time while enjoying leather aging.

Color the chest as a fashion item

In a scene where the glasses are removed when the luggage cannot be held, such as a party or dinner, it may immediately end up naked in the chest pocket, but this glasses case is characterized by the slimness in the chest pocket. It is convenient to have one thin type.

When you pour it on your chest, the opening peeking from the chest pocket is like a pocket chief. Even in a formal place, it adds a flower to the chest casually.

The combination of the inside and outer colors is exquisite, adding accents to the coordination. The elegant design is a stylish and playful item.

With thin leather sakosh
Go lightly

Sakosh 16,500 yen (tax included)
Development color: Midnight Blue✕Black, yellow✕Red, brown✕yellow

Sakosh, which uses high quality leather luxuriously, is ideal for storing smartphones. It is a convenient item that you can go out lightly with the perfect size for daily use.

Perfect for storing the minimum necessary, such as smartphones and cards that you want to hold without leaving your skin. It is useful not only for going out in the neighborhood, but also for valuables management in domestic and overseas travel situations. If you take advantage of this thinness and lower it from your neck in outerwear and tops, valuables are also safe.

Simple smartness that can be used regardless of gender

Many men put their smartphones in their bottoms pockets, but they are difficult to sit down, or when they sit down, they can take out smartphones. When you have no pockets, or when you do not want to close both hands, you will wear it as a simple and high -quality smartphone case.

Due to the calm hue, he plays an active part in many scenes regardless of ON or OFF. It is a sophisticated adult -style leather item and can be used widely from business to casual.

A special dish will bring you
Special break time

Cup sleeve 2,750 yen (tax included)
Developed color: Midnight Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green

When high -quality leather is attached as a holder, it fits firmly into a paper coffee cup without a handle. Hot drinks purchased at take -outs such as coffee shops are convenient items that can be carried without worrying about burning hands. A full -fledged cup sleeve has gained popularity from recent office workers and is perfect for yourself and for gifts.

I want to stick to small items with a little luxury that can only be done by adults

When you grow up, you can feel the sense of that person only for accessories. It's nice to keep using what you really think is good. Genuine leather materials have excellent touch. Coloring inspired by art makes daily coffee time and tea time more special. It is a genuine leather material that pursues the essence and adds a little luxury to your life.

I love you for a long time and is kind to the environment

In this era when SDGs gets attention, instead of using disposable paper cup sleeves, be sure to incorporate genuine leather cup sleeves that can be used for a long time. A smart form that can be used for a long time as you age. A high -quality leather item that makes aging beautiful every time you use it is an eco -item that has been active for years.

Produces a special feeling with the original engraving only for limited items

At the end of the manufacturing process, the leather is captured by the shape of the unevenness and the character is "engraved".Ends. With the skills and affection of craftsmen, the work of engraving leather by hand is part of the craftsmanship. By engraving, you can indicate that the leather products were carefully made.

A special version engraving to commemorate the collaboration between Hmm, and Brooklyn Museum. The engraving unique to a limited edition creates a special feeling and adds individuality to leather items.

When you go to the "De Kiriko Exhibition", please visit the museum shop.

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Hmm, by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop


* This is different from the official goods from the De Kiriko exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum . please note.