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key case

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The 5 keys chain parts that have registered the design are strongly made,
A sign of the concept of "good things for a long time".

With a removable ring that can also attach a smart key
Because the card pocket is designed on the back surface
Parket etc. in your pocket ◎

For unisex design, from colors and materials
"The pleasure of choosing".

A long -selling triple -fold key case that pursues practicality.

About indigo dyeing


Part number



[Table] Indigo dyed (cowhide)
[Middle] Yamato (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Blue
[Medium / interior] Yellow
[Stitch] Yellow


Vertical 7 x horizontal 10 (unit: cm)

country of origin


<< Initial engraving free campaign is being held >>

We will make an initial engraving for free.
If you wish, on the shopping cart page at the time of purchase, "Inquiry items Input field"fart【initial】Please describe.

* The engraved location is the image white frame.
* Initials will be up to 3 characters " *. *" (Combination of alphabets and dots).
* The engraved size is about 4mm vertical x 12mm width.
* The engraved color is similar to the logo mark due to the characteristics of the leather."Push"I will engrave it.

Indigo dyeing product

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