[French calf]
tote bag
color: Orange x ink blue

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Aqua Blue x Ink Blue

Dark Brown x Aqua Blue

Orange x ink blue

Pink x yellow

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[Table] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Canvas


[Table/Stitch] Orange/Yellow
[Handle/stitch] Ink blue/turquoise blue
[Interior] Yellow


30 x horizontal upper 42 lower part 44 x gusset 6
Handle inner circumference 29 (unit: cm)



country of origin


Original Tote Birth Story

“Tote is NG on a suit”
Tote brushed up the concept

About French calf

"The storage capacity and ease of use of the tote bag remain the same,
I want to make a leather tote that suits my suit. "

Born from such thoughts,
Original tote bag.


In the size that fits up to B4 size, a layout that can be seen at a glance "where and what is in". The ease of use of simply putting a mobile phone, business card case, key case, etc. in the pocket and is inevitably organized. Even in the business scene, the necessary things are used and the input is active.

Large open pockets can be stored in A4 files, and the zip pocket is made into a bag that can be used as one of the "tools" in work by using long wallets and valuables.

Best balance

The silhouette from the front is also important, but surprisingly, people are seen from behind.
The gusset width is set to 6cm so that the "neatness" will appear even more depending on the carrying figure. By making this gusset width, the principle of naturally tingling from the center of the body to the bottom can be used, and the best balance with a sense of stability is completed.

Both functions and designs

The handle that is the most overworked part in your bag. It is also a place where the handle is just hurt and the expression of the entire bag becomes cloudy.
By putting a thick core in the center of the steering wheel, the handle and handle when holding a bag overlap, making it easier to hold.
The glue of the bag and the handle is not only applied to the vertical and horizontal and horizontal and horizontally, but also the finish is applied to the finish, so that it is used for many years or not.
Brooklyn's unique handle that is easy to hold, durable, and combines functionality and design.

Practicality that can only be achieved with canvas

"No matter how smart it looks, if you don't have a practicality, you won't give a" role "as a bag."
Even if the weight comes out by putting documents and gadgets, there is no need to worry about being able to be worn out with thick canvas. The lightness unique to the fabric and the strength of the canvas are combined, so this smartness has been realized.
The point is that you choose a bright color for the middle color. While eliminating the stress of "it is difficult to see inside and things are hard to find", it is made as a premise that it is easy to see anyway. On top of that, the color that is selected considering "how to improve your mood" creates a rich color balance when the upper part is seen as "glare".

Orthodox and casual

The great thing about this bag is that it is easy to coordinate with jakepan and denim.
By dare to make the handle a "hand -held" length, it expresses "adult playfulness" and "elegant".
A stitching color like Brooklyn is one point, and "functionality" and "sense" are combined, and it is a bag that makes you feel better just by holding it.
The color combination of the body and handle is a color that makes a difference between one or two steps around. The adult, which always has a "playful", is a very eye -catching thing.

Stress Free

The zipper is YKK luxury line "Excella". It can be said that both the "fastener's lady" and both dignity and style are the highest level. By carefully polishing each surface of each metal fittings called elements, the fastener opening and closing will be smooth, and you can use it stress -free even in important situations.

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