[French calf]
Large tote bag
Color: Navy x Turquoise Stitch
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Navy x off -white stitch

Ink blue

Aqua blue


Glossy adult
Luxury tote bag.

Luxury tote

A standard tote bag of storage capacity that can be compiled for a business trip of about one night, with both materials and PCs easily enter.

The point of this tote bag is that it is often determined in the tied -up scene, which is often thought to be difficult to match the tote bag. The dignified appearance that removes all the rough roughness is the aura with the goodness of the material. A glossy adult luxury tote bag has been completed.

Adjust weight with "craftsmanship"

The most worrisome point in the leather bag is the "weight" of the bag itself.
The Brooklyn Museum's tote bag is thoroughly facing the voice of customers, "If the body is heavy, it is difficult to use in everyday life," and pursues the lightness to the extremes where the durability is not lost.
What is needed is the skill of craftsmen who coordinates the thickness of the French calf that covers the whole. This tote bag is a urethane core to protect the gadgets on the side of the main unit, and on the bottom, which is reinforced with a firm core so that it does not hang down by the weight of the luggage. Because we understand the weight of all materials and know the characteristics of the leather itself, we have realized a long -term "calculated weight".

The importance of the handle

The handle that is the most overworked part in a bag. It is also a place where the handle is just hurt and the expression of the entire bag becomes cloudy.
What you need to create a handle with a design that is not too thick and not too thin is genuine leather core. By using the leather core, we were able to balance "durability", which is hard to stretch even if heavy luggage is put in, and "suppleness" that is not too hard when put on the shoulder or holding it by hand.
Every time you use it, the whole handle is familiar and fits your body because you only use leather. It is an important part of such a tote bag that you can pick up naturally today.

Practicality that can only be achieved with canvas

"No matter how smart it looks, if you don't have a practicality, you won't give a" role "as a bag."
Even if the weight comes out by putting documents and gadgets, there is no need to worry about it if a thick canvas will be worn out. The lightness unique to the fabric and the strength of the canvas are combined, so this smartness has been realized.
The point is that you choose a bright color for the middle color. While eliminating the stress of "it is difficult to see inside and things are hard to find", it is made as a premise that it is easy to see anyway. On top of that, the color that is selected considering "how to improve your mood" creates a rich color balance when the upper part is seen as "glare" from the surroundings.

Easy -to -read pocket layout

The pocket layout that you can see at a glance is a major feature in the Brooklyn Museum tote bag. The ease of use that is inevitably organized just by putting a mobile phone, business card case, key case, etc. Even in the business scene, it will be active without getting in and out of what you need. Large open pockets can easily store A4 files and report pads, and in the zip pockets, a long wallet or valuables are included, so even if you have a lot of luggage, there are enough main room and other pockets. It is a specification that can be used properly.

Stress Free

The zipper is YKK luxury line "Excella". It can be said that both the "fastener's lady" is the highest grade in both dignity and style. By carefully polishing each surface of each metal fittings called elements, the fastening of the zipper will be smooth and you can use it stress -free even in important situations.

About French calf


Part number



[Table] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Canvas (cotton)


[Table] Navy
[Interior] Red
[Stitch] Turquoise


Letter 30 x Yokoujo 50 Lower 40 x Machi 19
Handle inner circumference 50 (unit: cm)
Weight: 1200g

country of origin


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