"Choosing all leather"
That, trust.

A partner who spends every day together

At first glance, it looks clunical, with a passion and pride,
I want to work with people like this.
Briefs that make you think so.

It is assumed that it uses it for a long time, and in addition to the quality of the selected leather, brooklyn's original color spice is applied, and the taste and the lid taste are different.

"Passion" hidden within

As the name of "All Leather", leather is also used for the interior.
The interior that a vivid color stands out, and adopts pig suede to the inside of the pocket. Because it is breathable and strong in friction, it is characterized by the high durability that is hard to scrape off even if it is loaded with heavy luggage.
Even the entry and exit of documents attracts the surroundings — because it is a brief that plays an active part in various scenes, we are careful to detail every detail.

Keep in mind that you can use it for a long time.

The most inquiries from customers who have been using it for many years is about replacing the steering wheel.
Most of the bags in Brooklyn are very sturdy because they are designed to be finished by "craftsmen who keep only the handles" finished. If you still use it, the time will come when you will be concerned about the state of the handle. In that case, i make that i can exchange the handle so that I can continue to use it again.

I won't break my style.

A technique called "tamabere" that connects the parts of the body plate and the fastener part with a tubular leather.
So to speak, it is a ball that acts as a "framework".
In order to make use of the soft leather texture and to make it self-reliant, we put the core material into the helicopter to make the edge of the ball hard to break the mold. The leather of the bottom of the ball edge might rub by all means by long-term use, but it is possible to repair only the ball edge in that case.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also an important part that supports the style.

Afford to enjoy change

The handle which I used for about ten years.
As a matter of course, there is no thing that leather is damaged or the core is visible, and compared with the beginning of use, the color that has changed deeply over time has a sourish leather lover.
Italian leather that is used everywhere in the interior including the handle. The attractive leather is the glossy aging, and i think that the room to enjoy the change is necessary in the business scene.
The strength of things emitted gives the owner confidence, and their confidence attracts even more around them... the combination of different materials selected because they are confident in quality is a constant tag that should be given to all businessmen, and it teaches us the joy of the years.

Making with excellent practicality

It is an item that thought through the usability that there are a lot of sorting pockets though it is a simple making.
On the front side, a zipper pocket and an open pocket are arranged. Put newspapers and magazines in the open pocket, check the information you want smartly even on the move. The fastener pocket can also be stored items such as regular items and mobile phones that can be put in and out frequently but not lost.
On the inside, it is equipped with a side pocket that a file enters as it is, and a large fastener pocket that can hold valuables such as a wallet and a key case.
It is the specs that are easy to do.


Smooth Leather
Italian Leather

The body is soft, light, and smooth leather with a high dyeing technique that leaves the texture of the original skin as it is.

Although it is cowhide, it has a soft feel like lamb leather and the fineness of the texture that the skin eyes are sucked in. In addition, we are particular about dyeing techniques so that they do not spoil the texture. Rather than dyeing only the surface, we use a technique that allows dye to permeate the core of leather and express vivid colors while leaving the original texture of leather.

The handle and piping are made in Tuscany, Italy. It is a leather with a deep taste and a beautiful luster come out every time i use it because i make it with a lot of oil in the characteristic of a peculiar firmness and a transparent hue.

It became a combination that you can feel the quality further by combining the hue of the butero which moves with time through the years, and the texture of each smooth leather which increases flexibility every year.

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[Smooth Leather]
Paul Briefs
color: Navy x Blue Off White Stitch

SKU: 692755NVBO

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Product code: 692755NVBO

Leather: [Body] Smooth Leather (Cowhide)

[Handle Piping] Italian Leather (Cowhide)

[Interior] Pig suede (pig leather)

Color: Navy x Blue x Off White Stitch

Size: 28.5 x 37 x 7.5 lengths
Handle circumference 32 (unit: cm)
Weight: 1000g

Country of Origin: Made in Japan

プロダクト ランキング

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