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Leathers French calf

Among the cowhide is the most fine leather and calf.
Since the use of leather of calf around 1 year ago, the skin is less damaged from the original, and the beauty of the skin is attractive. It is a material that can be used for many years, and it is finished to the leather that can be used for many years, and it is a material which is made up of the gloss that is gentle to the hand, and softness that is familiar with the hand, the French calf which represents the Brooklyn Museum.
The reason why it is finished with chrome taper is to leave the calf original flexibility and lightness intact. The surface of the leather tightens by dyeing to the tanned leather, and then pressing it on the surface at high temperature.

This effect is great, it is hard to scratch, it is difficult to dissolve, so it is difficult to dissolve, so it is hard to dye water, and wipe it gently to wipe off leather without leaving any stains. In addition, the shade is slowly increasing the gloss as well as the appearance of the French calf. It can be said to be the best leather for those who want to enjoy vivid colors longer.

The color of the Brooklyn Museum is requested while making the leather quality. The width of the coordination should be greatly expanded by selecting a small number of leather items to produce yourself from many colors.
Leather from various business scenes to casual wear

That's the feature of French calf.


Part number

632637 IB


French calf


Ink blue
A stitch Turquoise


Vertical × Lower side 50 × Moai
Inner circumference of handle
Weight: 1200 g

A native country


Color variation

Navy × A turquoise stitch

Navy × Off white stitch

Ink blue

Aqua Blue



Luxury tote bag.

Luxury Tote Bag

It is the standard tote bag of the storage power that all the material and PC are effortlessly, and it can be arranged all night if it is business trip.

It is the point of this tote bag that it is likely to be very elegant to tie up scene that tends to be difficult to fit the tote bag. The quality of the appearance that removes the rough rough feeling is the "aura that the material goodness freezes". Luxury tote bag for adults.

Adjust weight with "Craftsmanship"

The most important point in leather bag is the weight of bag body.
The tote bag of the Brooklyn Museum is pursuing the lightness to the limit where the durability is not lost to the customer's voice that it is hard to use in daily life, and it is hard to use.
The skill of the craftsman who adjusts the thickness of the French calf covering the whole is necessary. This bag is reinforced with core material that prevents the hanging of the bag from the urethane core to protect the gadget. So I realized the weight of all the materials and realized the feature of the leather itself.

Importance of handles

The handle which is the most difficult place in the bag. It is the place where the expression of the whole bag becomes cloudy only by the pain of the handle.
It is necessary to make the handle of the design not too small and not too much is the leather core material. By using leather core material, it was difficult to stretch even if heavy luggage was put on, and it was able to be compatible with "supple" which is not too hard even when I put it on the shoulder and hand.
Every time you use it, the whole handle fits and fits your body because you use only leather. It is an important part of such a tote bag that takes "hand with nature" today.

Practicality of sail

"No matter how smart it looks, if you don't have practicality, you can't hold the role as a bag."
Even if you put a document or gadget and weight, you will not be able to rub the thick cloth. This stylish has realized the lightness of the fabric and the strength of the sail.
It is also a point to choose the bright color in the middle color. It is made to be a premise that it is easy to see the inside though it is relieved the stress of "it is hard to see and the thing is not looked for". In addition, the color selected when thinking "how to raise mood" is the color which is rich in the color balance when the upper side looks "chirari".

Easy pocket layout

The pocket layout that you see at a glance is a great feature in the Brooklyn Museum's tote bag. It is easy to use the mobile phone, the business card holder, the key case, etc., and it is inevitable to arrange it. Business scene also works without the need to take in and out what you need. Large open pockets allow you to effortlessly store A4 files and report pads, and put them into a zip pocket with a long wallet and valuables, even if you have a lot of luggage The main room and the other pocket can be used properly.

Stress free

I use YKK luxury line "exela (excera)" to the zipper. It is also called "the woman of the fastener", and it can be said that it is the highest rank in quality and style. You can use the stress free to close the opening of the zipper

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