"Stand out vividly

Brooklyn Museum ID Case"

All Leather ID Case

The security of office buildings and other buildings is strengthened worldwide, and it is becoming a must-have case without being limited to businessmen.
"Plastic can be used casually without worrying about care and treatment, but a little tasteless" Id case of the Brooklyn Museum developed and commercialized from such a lot of voices, by using the "French calf" that was molded to the main leather, can be used without worrying about scratches and dirt, I was sublimated to the item that i can produce my own personality casually in the stitch color and the inner color.
While practicality is outstanding, it is an item that is put at a glance in the quality of leather above all.

Double-sided specifications

While many types of id cases have a window frame on one side, the Brooklyn Museum's ID case is set to be used on both sides.
For example, you can put an entrance card or other id on one side, put a business card on the other, or separate the building entrance card from the floor entrance card. Because the color of a vivid inner leather shines, it is an excellent ID case which becomes "Sama" even if nothing is put in the card.

Reel swept through the scene

To be able to use it with the ID case, a reel using the same French calf is prepared separately. It is good to select the same color as the body, and you can bring a different color, and enjoy it with an original color scheme. Because it is a reel that stretches and contracts near 80cm, there is no need to bend over and touch it when entering the museum. In addition, if you use it as a regular putting, such as ic card, the touch of the ticket gate is smooth.

Craftsmanship Pride

Leather parts that overlap over and over. These polished koba are due to the "cut". This is an essential technique for making leather items at the Brooklyn Museum. When polished, the dye is put and the polish is done to all parts in the same way. It takes a lot of time and effort, and it's not very efficient, but the only way to continue to use all the parts is that it's a way of making that can withstand long-term use.
No matter how hard it takes, we never make anything that breaks or breaks quickly— the Koba at the Brooklyn Museum shows the pride of such craftsmen.

Original leather lining

The interior is made of soft leather developed by the Brooklyn Museum. As the name suggests, the card doesn't get stuck because it's soft and has a very soft texture.
Because I always put on any part and make it to match soft leather, the back side of the strap also has a good leather specification of the color. Even when you sweat, if you take good cream care, there are no stains or stains attached, and we make it a way to make it that you can use for a long time.

[French calf]
ID strap double sided
color: Aqua Blue

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